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DateTitle Authors
2006 An economic perspective on the jurisdictional reform of the European merger control systemBudzinski, Oliver
2009 A Neo-Schumpeterian approach towards public sector economicsHanusch, Horst / Pyka, Andreas / Wackermann, Florian
2008 The impossibility of social choice and the possibilities of individual values: political and philosophical liberalism reconsideredGüth, Werner / Kliemt, Hartmut
2009 Evolutionary micro-founded technical change and the Kaldor-Verdoorn Law: Estimates from an artificial worldLorentz, André
2015 Agent-based modeling for decision making in economics under uncertaintyVermeulen, Ben / Pyka, Andreas
2009 Modern industrial economics and competition policy: Open problems and possible limitsBudzinski, Oliver
2005 Toward a Naturalistic Foundation of the Social ContractCordes, Christian / Schubert, Christian
2012 The impact of differential satiation dynamics on changing consumer behavior, wellbeing, and innovative activityLades, Leonhard K.
2009 Global financial crisis: causes and lessons ; a Neo-Schumpeterian perspectiveHanusch, Horst / Wackermann, Florian
2007 Output dynamics, flow equilibria and structural change: a prolegomenon to evolutionary macroeconomicsWitt, Ulrich / Brenner, Thomas

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