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May-2009 Why Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD is not VHS vs. Betamax: The co-evolution of standard-setting consortiaChrist, Julian P. / Slowak, André P.
2003 A fresh look on economic evolution from kinetic viewpointLehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco
2009 Why blu-ray vs. HD-DVD ist not VHS vs. Betamax: the co-evolution of standard-setting consortiaChrist, Julian P. / Slowak, André P.
2011 Making sense of institutional change in China: The cultural dimension of economic growth and modernizationHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2011 Neuroökonomik, Institutionen und verteilte Kognition: Empirische Grundlagen eines nicht-reduktionistischen naturalistischen Forschungsprogramms in den WirtschaftswissenschaftenHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2011 Performing comparative advantage: The case of the global coffee businessAndriani, Pierpaolo / Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2011 Institutions, distributed cognition and agency: rule-following as performative actionHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2010 Meaning and function in the theory of consumer choice: dual selves in evolving networksHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2010 Rethinking evolution, entropy and economics: A triadic conceptual framework for the maximum entropy principle as applied to the growth of knowledgeHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2009 Outline of a Darwinian theory of moneyHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten

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