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2010 Can Darwinism be 'generalized' and of what use would this be?Levit, Georgy S. / Hossfeld, Uwe / Witt, Ulrich
2003 Rußlands Ratifikation des Kyoto-Protokolls ein kritisches PlädoyerSchwerd, Joachim
2012 Determinants of evolutionary change processes in innovation networks: Empirical evidence from the German laser industryKudic, Muhamed / Pyka, Andreas / Günther, Jutta
2014 The Long-Run Evolution of Infrastructure ServicesGoldsmith, Hugh
2011 Towards an incentive salience model of intertemporal choiceLades, Leonhard K.
2010 Governmental learning as a determinant of economic growthGruésevaja, Marina
2012 Conspicuous consumption, inequality and debt: The nature of consumption-driven profit-led regimesKapeller, Jakob / Schütz, Bernhard
2013 Coordination in the El Farol Bar problem: The role of social preferences and social networksChen, Shu-Heng / Gostoli, Umberto
May-2009 Why Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD is not VHS vs. Betamax: The co-evolution of standard-setting consortiaChrist, Julian P. / Slowak, André P.
2015 Creative forces for entrepreneurship: The role of institutional change agentsWelter, Friederike / Smallbone, David

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