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DateTitle Authors
2011 República, democracia e desenvolvimento: Contribuições da Diest/Ipea para pensar o Brasil contemporâneo
2007 Komparative Evolutorische Analyse Konzeption und AnwendungenLehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco
2011 Strukturmerkmale von BerufenHoffmann, Jana / Damelang, Andreas / Schulz, Florian
2003 Agent-based modelling : a methodology for the analysis of qualitative development processesPyka, Andreas / Grebel, Thomas
2005 Agent-Based Modelling: A Methodology for Neo-Schumpeterian EconomicsPyka, Andreas / Fagiolo, Giorgio
2005 Economists on Darwin's theory of social evolution and human behaviourMarciano, Alain
2010 The evolutionary approach to entropy: Reconciling Georgescu-Roegen's natural philosophy with the maximum entropy frameworkHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2008 Evolutionary Dynamics of GlobalizationCanpolat, Naci / Ozel, Hüseyin
2008 On democratizing financial turmoil: a Minskian analysis of the subprime crisisFernandez, Luisa / Kaboub, Fadhel / Todorova, Zdravka
2012 Moral sentiments, institutions, and civil society: Exploiting family resemblances between Smith and Hegel to resolve some conceptual issues in Sen's recent contributions to the theory of justiceBoldyrev, Ivan A. / Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten

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