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DateTitle Authors
2014 Neoliberalism and the global imbalances: The neo-Gramscian approachPhumma, Naphon
2011 An Aristotelian View of Marx's methodCline, Nathaniel / McColloch, William / Ford, Kirsten
2008 Imperialism: Old and new theoriesStathakis, George
2010 Exploitation and profits: A general axiomatic approach in convex economies with heterogeneous agentsVeneziani, Roberto / Yoshihara, Naoki
2010 Labor productivity and the law of decreasing labor contentFlaschel, Peter / Franke, Reiner / Veneziani, Roberto
2010 Is there a tendency for the rate of profit to fall? Econometric evidence for the US economy, 1948 - 2007Basu, Deepankar / Manolakos, Panayiotis T.
2013 Georg von Charasoff's theory of value, capital and prices of productionHuth, Thomas
2009 Exploitation as the unequal exchange of labour: An axiomatic approachYoshihara, Naoki / Veneziani, Roberto
2009 Strong subjectivism in the Marxian theory of exploitation: A critiqueVeneziani, Roberto / Yoshihara, Naoki
2011 Medical expenditure growth and the diffusion of medical technologyPolchlopek, Justin

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