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2008 The Keynesian roots of stock-flow consistent macroeconomic models: peering over the edge of the short periodSilva, Antonio Carlos Macedo e
2009 Revisiting (and connecting) Marglin-Bhaduri and Minsky: an SFC look at financialization and profit-led growthdos Santos, Cláudio H. / Silva, Antonio Carlos Macedo e
2010 Různá pojetí endogenity peněz v postkeynesovské ekonomii: Reinterpretace do obecnější teorieLopušník, Ondřej
2013 Wage and profit-led growth: The limits to Neo-Kaleckian models and a Kaldorian proposalPérez Caldentey, Esteban / Vernengo, Matías
2014 The rational expectations hypothesis: An assessment from Popper's philosophyAyala, Iván H. / Palacio-Vera, Alfonso
2007 Monoculture versus Diversity in Competition EconomicsBudzinski, Oliver
2014 The Great Schism in the Theory of Public Finance. A Treatise in the Theory of Economic ThoughtBlankart, Charles B:
2003 Marktabgrenzung als soziale KonstruktionEngel, Christoph
2006 A random walk down Maple Lane? A critique of neoclassical consumption theory with reference to housing wealthHanssgen, Greg
2006 On lower-bound traps: a framework for the analysis of monetary policy in the age of central banksPalacio-Vera, Alfonso

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