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2007 Institutional harmonization in the context of relations between the EU and its eastern neighbours: Costs and benefits and methodologies of their measurementDimitrov, Veliko / Dubrovskiy, Vladimir / Orlova, Iryna / Taran, Svitlana
2010 How should research performance be measured? A study of Swedish economistsHenrekson, Magnus / Waldenström, Daniel
2014 Orthodoxer Mainstream und Heterodoxe Alternativen: Eine Analyse der ökonomischen WissenschaftslandschaftQuaas, Friedrun
2013 The missing link between research and reality: The significance of the relationship between retail format and organic food consumptionBaum, Chad M.
2014 A Tourism Financial Conditions IndexChang, Chia-Lin / Hsu, Hui-Kuang / McAleer, Michael
2008 Measuring the impact of tourism upon urban economies: A review of literatureGasparino, Ugo / Bellini, Elena / Del Corpo, Barbara / Malizia, William
2009 Mapping the evolution of clusters: A meta-analysisMaggioni, Mario A. / Gambarotto, Francesca / Uberti, Teodora Erika
2013 What can be learned from behavioural economics for environmental policy?Pasche, Markus
2007 Novelty and the bounds of unknowledge in economicsWitt, Ulrich
2014 Walter Eucken's role in the early history of the Mont Pèlerin SocietyKolev, Stefan / Goldschmidt, Nils / Hesse, Jan-Otmar

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