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DateTitle Authors
2006 A practical guide to inference in simulation modelsBrenner, Thomas / Werker, Claudia
2011 Marx's appreciation of James Steuart: A theory of history and valueMcColloch, William
2007 Total factor productivity and income distribution: A critical reviewJeon, Yongbok
2007 Innovation theories: relevance and implications for developing country innovationLéger, Andréanne / Swaminathan, Sushmita
2013 Kompleksite Iktisadı ve Ajan-Temelli Modelleme: Metodolojik Bir YaklaşımEren, Ercan
2005 The Origin of Prospect Theory, or Testing the Intuitive StatisticianHeukelom, Floris
2009 Mapping the evolution of clusters: A meta-analysisMaggioni, Mario A. / Gambarotto, Francesca / Uberti, Teodora Erika
2008 Measuring the impact of tourism upon urban economies: A review of literatureGasparino, Ugo / Bellini, Elena / Del Corpo, Barbara / Malizia, William
2008 How should research performances be measures? Evidence from rankings of academic economistsHenrekson, Magnus / Waldenström, Daniel
2012 Ragnar Frisch's axiomatic approach to econometricsBjerkholt, Olav

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