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DateTitle Authors
2007 Lionel Robbins: a methodological reappraisalResende, Marcelo / Zeidan, Rodrigo M.
2014 Measuring unfamiliar economic concepts: The case of prepaid card adoptionHitczenko, Marcin / Tai, Mingzhu
2008 Economists, Incentives, Judgment, and Empirical WorkColander, David C.
2009 Economists, incentives, judgment, and the European CVAR approach to macroeconometricsColander, David C.
2008 Calibration and IV estimation of a wage outcome equation in a dynamic environmentBelzil, Christian / Hansen, Jörgen
2008 Cooperativeness and impatience in the tragedy of the commonsFehr, Ernst / Leibbrandt, Andreas
2001 Misinterpreting a failure to disconfirm as a confirmation: A recurrent misreading of significance testsMayer, Thomas
2001 A frequent misuse of significance testsMayer, Thomas
2012 Ziliak and McClosky's criticisms of significance tests: A damage assessmentMayer, Thomas
2009 Special Issue on Using Econometrics for Assessing Economic Models: An IntroductionJusélius, Katarina

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