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DateTitle Authors
2008 The Quantity Theory of Money is Valid. The New Keynesians are Wrong!Hillinger, Claude / Süssmuth, Bernd
2012 Investment, financial markets, and uncertaintyArestis, Philip / González, Ana Rosa / Dejuán, Óscar
2008 Endogenous money: on banking behaviour in new and post Keynesian modelsGeorg, Co-Pierre / Pasche, Markus
2013 Uncertainty and contradiction: An essay on the business cycleNikiforos, Michalis
2012 At the crossroads: The euro and its central bank guardian (and savior?)Bibow, Jörg
2013 Reading Keynes in Buenos Aires: Prebisch and the dynamics of capitalismPérez Caldentey, Esteban / Vernengo, Matías
2008 The other J. M.: John Maurice Clark and the Keynesian revolutionFiorito, Luca / Vernengo, Matías
2006 MicrofoundationsJanssen, Maarten C.W.
2008 Endogenous Money in the Age of Financial LiberalizationÖzgür, Gökçer / Ertürk, Korkut A.
2012 Control of finance as a prerequisite for successful monetary policy: A reinterpretation of Henry Simons's "Rules versus Authorities in Monetary Policy"Moe, Thorvald Grung

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