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2014 Does Diploma Type Matter for Subsequent Academic Achievement? A UAE Case StudyKherfi, Samer / Naufal, George S
2004 Advising Policymakers Through the MediaZimmermann, Klaus F.
2001 Autonomous Organization of the (International) Scientific Community Would Simplify Data Protection in the Social Sciences and Encourage ReanalysisWagner, Gert G.
2009 Multisided media markets: Applying the theory of multisided markets to media marketsLindstädt, Nadine
2010 Germany's PSB going online: Is there an economic justification for Public Service Media online?Lindstädt, Nadine
2011 Newspaper vs. online advertising: Is there a niche for newspapers in modern advertising markets?Lindstädt, Nadine / Budzinski, Oliver
2012 Newspaper and internet display advertising: Co-existence or substitution?Lindstädt, Nadine / Budzinski, Oliver
2004 Should Swedish economic history pay morre attention to historical economics?Waldenström, Daniel
2012 Innovation and education: Is there a "nerd effect"?Goldbach, Stefan
2003 Not Guilty? : Another Look at the Nature and Nurture of Economics StudentsHaucap, Justus / Just, Tobias

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