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2002 Eigennutz als Triebfeder des Wohlstands: Die "invisible hand" - im Hörsaal-Experiment sichtbar gemachtKirstein, Roland / Schmidtchen, Dieter
2001 Autonomous Organization of the (International) Scientific Community Would Simplify Data Protection in the Social Sciences and Encourage ReanalysisWagner, Gert G.
2010 Look before you leap: the economics of free trade and income redistributionGundlach, Erich / de Vaal, Albert
2009 Multisided media markets: Applying the theory of multisided markets to media marketsLindstädt, Nadine
2003 Not Guilty? : Another Look at the Nature and Nurture of Economics StudentsHaucap, Justus / Just, Tobias
2009 The interplay between entrepreneurship education and regional knowledge potential in forming entrepreneurial intentionsWalter, Sascha G. / Dohse, Dirk
2009 Heterogeneous class size effects: new evidence from a panel of university studentsBandiera, Oriana / Larcinese, Valentino / Rasul, Imran
2010 Germany's PSB going online: Is there an economic justification for Public Service Media online?Lindstädt, Nadine
2011 Newspaper vs. online advertising: Is there a niche for newspapers in modern advertising markets?Lindstädt, Nadine / Budzinski, Oliver
2012 Newspaper and internet display advertising: Co-existence or substitution?Lindstädt, Nadine / Budzinski, Oliver

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