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DateTitle Authors
2009 Differentiating emissions targets for individual developed countries: economics and equityReisinger, Andy
1994 Evolutionary stability of social norms in a socio-economic equilibrium modelGrüner, Hans Peter
2003 Not guilty? Another look at the nature and nurture of economics studentsHaucap, Justus
2009 Trust, sociability and stock market participationGeorgarakos, Dimitris / Pasini, Giacomo
2010 Women and work: what role do social norms play?Tolciu, Andreia / Zierahn, Ulrich
2009 What a difference peers can make: The impact of social (work) norms on unemployment durationTolciu, Andreia
2008 Is unemployment a consequence of social interactions? Seeking for a common research framework for economists and other social scientistsTolciu, Andreia
1998 Co-evolution of preferences and information in simple games of trustGüth, Werner / Kliemt, Hartmut / Peleg, Bezalel
2010 A few can do: Ethical behavior and the provision of public goods in an agent-based modelPickhardt, Michael
2010 Homo agricola considered as homo economicus and homo politicusZawojska, Aldona

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