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DateTitle Authors
2010 Homo agricola considered as homo economicus and homo politicusZawojska, Aldona
2008 Individual Determinants of Social Fairness Assessments: The Case of GermanyHennighausen, Tanja / Heinemann, Friedrich / Bischoff, Ivo
2009 Choosing from the Reform Menu Card: Individual Determinants of Labour Market Policy PreferencesHennighausen, Tanja / Bischoff, Ivo / Heinemann, Friedrich
2010 Don't tax me? Determinants of individual attitudes toward progressive taxationHeinemann, Friedrich / Hennighausen, Tanja
2012 Werteorientierung als relevanter Erfolgsfaktor für Unternehmen im Zeitalter des SocietingSudermann, Robin Rudolf / Middleton, Arian / Frilling, Thomas
2006 Understanding and managing behavioural risks: The case of food risks caused by malpractice in poultry productionHirschauer, Norbert / Zwoll, Stefan
2013 Social preferences under risk: The role of social distanceMontinari, Natalia / Rancan, Michaela
2014 The happiness of economists: Estimating the causal effect of studying economics on subjective well-beingHaucap, Justus / Heimeshoff, Ulrich
2003 Not guilty? Another look at the nature and nurture of economics studentsHaucap, Justus
2014 The impact of market innovations on the evolution of norms: the sustainability caseMüller, Stephan / von Wangenheim, Georg

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