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DateTitle Authors
2009 The shadows of the past: how implicit institutions influence entrepreneurshipBauernschuster, Stefan / Falck, Oliver / Gold, Robert / Heblich, Stephan
2011 On the evolution of preferencesGamba, Astrid
2013 Does the John Bates Clark Medal boost subsequent productivity and citation success?Chan, Ho Fai / Frey, Bruno S. / Gallus, Jana / Torgler, Benno
2010 Whose impartiality? An experimental study of veiled stakeholders, impartial spectators and ideal observersAguiar, Fernando / Becker, Alice / Miller, Luis M.
2007 Are cooperators efficiency- or fair-minded?: evidence from a public goods experimentLevati, Maria Vittoria / Ploner, Matteo
2012 Religion and Earnings: Is It Good to Be an Atheist with Religious Parental Background?Cornelissen, Thomas / Jirjahn, Uwe
2014 Trust as a Key Variable of Sustainable Development and Public Happiness: A Historical and Theoretical Example Regarding the Creation of MoneyGenovese, Nicola / La Spada, Maria Grazia
2006 A random walk down Maple Lane? A critique of neoclassical consumption theory with reference to housing wealthHanssgen, Greg
2003 Is Strong Reciprocity a Maladaptation? On the Evolutionary Foundations of Human AltruismFehr, Ernst / Henrich, Joseph
2013 External Influence as an Indicator of Scholarly ImportanceChan, Ho Fai / Frey, Bruno S. / Gallus, Jana / Schaffner, Markus / Torgler, Benno / Whyte, Stephen

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