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2003 Emotions and Economic Shocks in a First-Price AuctionBosman, Ronald / Riedl, Arno
2010 (Un)bounded rationality in decision making and game theory: Back to square one?Güth, Werner / Kliemt, Hartmut
2014 Behavioral public choice: A surveySchnellenbach, Jan / Schubert, Christian
2013 Foreign aid for capacity-building to address climate change: Insights and applicationsVictor, David
2014 Underestimated Benefits from Periphery: Internal Migration and Subjective Well-beingKopmann, Angela / Rehdanz, Katrin
2009 Sicherheit, Strafe und positive AlternativenFrey, Bruno S. / Neckermann, Susanne
2010 Olhares sobre a cidade e a região - por que importam? Enfoques e metodologias disciplinares e contraditórias de análise do território para políticas públicasFurtado, Bernardo Alves
2008 Generalized projection dynamics in evolutionary game theoryJoosten, Reinoud / Roorda, Berend
2009 Paul Samuelson's critique and equilibrium concepts in evolutionary game theoryJoosten, Reinoud
2007 The role of biology and culture in Veblenian consumption dynamicsCordes, Christian

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