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2012 Where do new Ph.D. economists go? Evidence from recent initial job placementsChen, Jihui / Liu, Qihong / Billger, Sherrilyn M.
2014 Attracting Attentive Academics. Paper, Person or Place?Guenther, Isabel / Grosse, Melanie / Klasen, Stephan
2013 Is economics a house divided? Analysis of citation networksÖnder, Ali Sina / Terviö, Marko
2014 A Guide and Advice for Economists on the U.S. Junior Academic Job Market: 2014-2015 EditionCawley, John H.
2011 A guide and advice for economists on the US junior academic job market (2011-2012 edition)Cawley, John
2013 What drives the relevance and reputation of economics journals? An update from a survey among economistsHaucap, Justus / Muck, Johannes
2008 How should research performances be measures? Evidence from rankings of academic economistsHenrekson, Magnus / Waldenström, Daniel
2012 Økonomi og økonomer i UiOs historie: Fra Knut Wicksells dissens i 1910 til framstøtet mot Thorstein Veblen I 1920Bjerkholt, Olav
2011 Theory of economy as the original cause of the world crisisJakóbik, Witold
1997 The Golden Age of Nobel Economistsvan Dalen, Hendrik P.

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