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DateTitle Authors
2009 Darwinism in economics and the evolutionary theory of policy-makingSchubert, Christian
2009 Being religious: a question of incentives?Klaubert, Anja
2010 Property rights and elitesAmsden, Alice H.
2010 The tangled web of associational lifeMeagher, Kate
2014 Capacity development for the transformation of AfricaLéautier, Frannie A.
2009 Lessons from the laureatesBreit, William / Hirsch, Barry T.
2009 The' market for higher education: does it really exist?Becker, William E. / Round, David K.
2012 Trust, values and false consensusButler, Jeffrey V. / Giuliano, Paola / Guiso, Luigi
2012 The Intellectual Influence of Economic Journals: Quality versus QuantityKóczy, László Á. / Nichifor, Alexandru
2013 Reflections on the Eurozone's challengesGötz, Marta

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