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DateTitle Authors
2011 Imports and the structure of retail marketsRaff, Horst / Schmitt, Nicolas
2011 Fiscal equalization and regions' (un)willingness-to-tax: Evidence from GermanyBönke, Timm / Jochimsen, Beate / Schröder, Carsten
2011 Agent-based macroeconomics - a baseline modelLengnick, Matthias
2011 On the effect of prospective payment system on hospital efficiency and competition for patients in GermanyHerwartz, Helmut / Strumann, Christoph
2011 Banks, oligopolistic competition, and the business cycle: A new financial accelerator approachTotzek, Alexander
2011 Exchange rate pass-through: New evidence from German micro dataBerner, Eike
2010 On the role of social wage comparisons in gift-exchange experimentsSiang, Ch'ng Kean / Requate, Till / Waichman, Israel
2010 Agent-based financial markets and New Keynesian macroeconomics: A synthesisLengnick, Matthias / Wohltmann, Hans-Werner
2010 Pre-play communication in Cournot competition: An experiment with students and managersWaichman, Israel / Requate, Till / Siang, Ch'ng Kean
2010 Tax progression: International and intertemporal comparison using LIS dataPogorelskiy, Kirill / Seidl, Christian / Traub, Stefan
2010 The conditional autoregressive wishart model for multivariate stock market volatilityGolosnoy, Vasyl / Gribisch, Bastian / Liesenfeld, Roman
2010 Betting on a long life: The role of subjective life expectancy in the demand for private pension insurance of german householdsSchulte, Katharina / Zirpel, Ulrike
2010 Fiscal stimulus in a model with endogenous firm entryTotzek, Alexander / Winkler, Roland C.
2010 Barro-Gordon revisited: reputational equilibria in a New Keynesian modelTotzek, Alexander / Wohltmann, Hans-Werner
2010 German firms in service tradeKelle, Markus / Kleinert, Jörn
2010 Some observations in the high-frequency versions of a standard new-keynesian modelFranke, Reiner / Sacht, Stephen
2010 Elicting public support for greening the electricity mix using random parameter techniquesGrösche, Peter / Schröder, Carsten
2009 Firms' heterogeneity, endogenous entry, and exit decisionsTotzek, Alexander
2009 Banks and early deposit withdrawals in a new Keynesian frameworkTotzek, Alexander
2009 Persistence of a network core in the time evolution of interlocking directoratesMilaković, Mishael / Raddant, Matthias / Birg, Laura
2009 Network hierarchy in Kirman's ant model: fund investment can create systemic riskAlfarano, Simone / Milaković, Mishael / Raddant, Matthias
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