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DateTitle Authors
2004 Testing for Causality in Variance using Multivariate GARCH ModelsHafner, Christian M. / Herwartz, Helmut
2004 Leaky bucket Paradoxes in income inequality perceptions : an experimental investigationCamacho Cuena, Eva / Neugebauer, Tibor / Seidl, Christian
2004 A comment on "An arbitrage-free approach to quasi-option value" by Coggins and RamezaniMensink, Paul
2004 Pollution-Reducing and Resource-Saving Technological ProgressNelissen, Dagmar / Requate, Till
2004 Agglomeration and Knowledge DiffusionBröcker, Johannes
2004 Exclusive Dealing and Common Agency in International MarketsRaff, Horst / Schmitt, Nicolas
2004 Collective and Random Fining versus Tax/Subsidy - Schemes to Regulate Non-Point Pollution : An Experimental StudyCamacho Cuena, Eva / Requate, Till
2004 Classical and Bayesian Analysis of Univariate and Multivariate Stochastic Volatility ModelsLiesenfeld, Roman / Richard, Jean-François
2005 A noise trader model as a generator of apparent financial power laws and long memoryAlfarano, Simone / Lux, Thomas
2005 Time-variation of higher moments in a financial market with heterogeneous agents: An analytical approachAlfarano, Simone / Lux, Thomas / Wagner, Friedrich
2005 Does Consumption-Wealth Ratio Signal Stock Returns? : VECM Results for GermanyXu, Fang
2005 Dynamic Effects of Raw Materials Price Shocks for Large Oil-Dependent EconomiesWohltmann, Hans-Werner / Winkler, Roland C.
2005 Optimal Abatement in Dynamic Multipollutant Problems when Pollutants can be Complements or SubstitutesMoslener, Ulf / Requate, Till
2005 Modeling the FIBOR/EURIBOR Swap Term Structure : An Empirical ApproachBlaskowitz, Oliver J. / Herwartz, Helmut / de Cadenas Santiago, Gonzalo
2005 Lorenz meets rating but misses valuationCamacho Cuena, Eva / Seidl, Christian
2005 Compensating justice beats leaky buckets : an experimental investigationCamacho Cuena, Eva / Neugebauer, Tibor / Seidl, Christian
2005 Why Parallel Trade May Raise Producers' ProfitsRaff, Horst / Schmitt, Nicolas
2005 Time Series of Count Data : Modelling and EstimationJung, Robert / Kukuk, Martin / Liesenfeld, Roman
2005 Learning-by-Doing with Spillovers in Competitive Industries, Free Entry, and Regulatory PolicyBläsi, Albrecht / Requate, Till
2005 Oil Price Shocks and Currency Denomination (A revised version of EWP 2005-01)Wohltmann, Hans-Werner / Winkler, Roland C.
2005 Alternative distributions for observation driven count series modelsDrescher, Daniel
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