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DateTitle Authors
2016 Bertrand-Edgeworth markets with increasing marginal costs and voluntary trading: Experimental evidenceJacobs, Martin / Requate, Till
2016 Number of firms, rationing, matching, and knowledge: A comprehensive study of variations in experimental Kreps-Scheinkman marketsJacobs, Martin
2016 Demand rationing in Bertrand-Edgeworth markets with fixed capacities: An experimentJacobs, Martin / Requate, Till
2015 The interaction between monetary and macroprudential policy: Should central banks "lean against the wind" to foster macrofinancial stability?Krug, Sebastian
2015 Volatility effects of news shocks in (B)RE models with optimal monetary policyOffick, Sven / Wohltmann, Hans-Werner
2015 Endogenous firm entry in an estimated model of the U.S. business cycleOffick, Sven / Winkler, Roland C.
2015 International trade and the occupational mix in manufacturing: Evidence from german micro dataBoddin, Dominik / Henze, Philipp
2015 Monetary policy during financial crises: Is the transmission mechanism impaired?Jannsen, Nils / Potjagailo, Galina / Wolters, Maik H.
2015 Structural change and total factor productivity: Evidence from germanyHenze, Philipp
2015 Retailing and international trade: A survey of the literatureRaff, Horst / Schmitt, Nicolas
2015 The agent-based Solow growth model with endogenous business cyclesStolzenburg, Ulrich
2014 Optimal monetary policy in a new Keynesian model with animal spirits and financial marketsLengnick, Matthias / Wohltmann, Hans-Werner
2014 The impact of Basel III on financial (in)stability: An agent-based credit network approachKrug, Sebastian / Lengnick, Matthias / Wohltmann, Hans-Werner
2014 Growth determinants across time and space: A semiparametric panel data approachStolzenburg, Ulrich
2014 Bernanke/Blinder revisited - The New Keynesian model with credit channelOffick, Sven / Wohltmann, Hans-Werner
2014 The changing dynamics of US inflation persistence: A quantile regression approachTillmann, Peter / Wolters, Maik H.
2014 New trade in renewable resources and consumer preferences for diversityQuaas, Martin F. / Stöven, Max T.
2014 Animal spirits and the business cycle: Empirical evidence from moment matchingJang, Tae-Seok / Sacht, Stephen
2014 Forecasting the volatility of the dow jones islamic stock market index: Long memory vs. regime switchingNasr, Adnen Ben / Lux, Thomas / Ajm, Ahdi Noomen / Gupta, Rangan
2014 A theory of price adjustment under loss aversionAhrens, Steffen / Pirschel, Inske / Snower, Dennis J.
2014 Endogenous firm entry in an estimated model of the US business cycleOffick, Sven / Winkler, Roland C.
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