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DateTitle Authors
2014 The effects of Greenfield FDI and cross-border M&As on total factor productivityAshraf, Ayesha / Herzer, Dierk / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2014 Deficiencies in the development of an Estonian welfare stateSchrader, Klaus / Laaser, Claus-Friedrich / Reiljan, Janno
2014 Setting the bar - An experimental investigation of immigration requirementsKhadjavi, Menusch / Tjaden, Jasper D.
2014 Financial literacy and its consequences in the emerging middleclassGrohmann, Antonia / Kouwenberg, Roy / Menkhoff, Lukas
2014 Risk preferences may be time preferences: A comment on Andreoni and Sprenger (2012)Schmidt, Ulrich
2014 The role of a changing market environment for credit default swap pricingLeppin, Julian S. / Reitz, Stefan
2014 Deterrence works for criminalsKhadjavi, Menusch
2014 An inquiry into the determinants of graduate entrepreneurship in Hong Kong and Guangzhou (Mainland China)Bickenbach, Frank / Dohse, Dirk / Liu, Wan-Hsin
2014 Real financial market exchange rates and capital flowsGelman, Maria / Jochem, Axel / Reitz, Stefan / Taylor, Mark P.
2014 Heterogeneous forecasters and nonlinear expectation formation in the US stock marketPierdzioch, Christian / Reitz, Stefan / Ruelke, Jan-Christoph
2014 Changes in the Response of Fiscal Policy to Monetary Policy in the EMUArora, Sanchit / Reicher, Claire
2014 Informed and uninformed opinions on new measures to address climate changeKniebes, Carola / Merk, Christine / Pönitzsch, Gert / Rehdanz, Katrin / Schmidt, Ulrich
2014 Deflation und Konsumstau: Mikroökonomische EvidenzKlodt, Henning / Hartmann, Anna
2014 Contagion risk in the interbank market: A probabilistic approach to cope with incomplete structural informationMontagna, Mattia / Lux, Thomas
2014 Alternative payoff mechanisms for choice under riskCox, James C. / Sadiraj, Vjollca / Schmidt, Ulrich
2014 Consumer's willingness to pay for green electricity: A meta-analysis of the literatureSundt, Swantje / Rehdanz, Katrin
2014 Reconsidering the common ratio effect: The roles of compound independence, reduction, and coalescingSchmidt, Ulrich / Seidl, Christian
2014 China's CO2 emissions from power generating stations: A first explorationDu, Limin / Hanley, Aoife / Rehdanz, Katrin
2014 Why aid is unpredictable: An empirical analysis of the gap between actual and planned aid flowsCanavire-Bacarreza, Gustavo Javier / Neumayer, Eric / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2014 Weltkonjunktur und deutsche Konjunktur im Sommer 2014Gern, Klaus-Jürgen / Jannsen, Nils / Plödt, Martin / van Roye, Björn / Scheide, Joachim / Schwarzmüller, Tim / Boysen-Hogrefe, Jens / Groll, Dominik / Kooths, Stefan
2014 Konjunkturbereinigung der Länder: Eine Quasi-Echtzeitanalyse am Beispiel Schleswig-HolsteinsBoysen-Hogrefe, Jens
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