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DateTitle Authors
2012 Institutional determinants of bilateral trade: Taking another lookKuncic, Aljaz
2012 Volatility spillover in the foreign exchange market: The Indian experienceGhosh, Saurabh
2012 Capital flows, financial asset prices and real financial market exchange rate: A case study for an emerging market, IndiaGhosh, Saurabh / Reitz, Stefan
2012 Current account imbalances and income inequality: Theory and evidenceAl-Hussami, Fares / Remesal, Álvaro Martín
2012 Intra-firm trade and employment in US manufacturingBlanas, Sotiris
2012 Institutional quality databaseKuncic, Aljaz
2010 Access to finance and exporting behavior in transition countriesBernard, Alex / Stabilito, Augusto / Donghoon Yoo, Julian
2010 Religiosity and personal well-being: People can be happy with or without religionOpfinger, Matthias
2009 On the look-out for the bear: Predicting stock market downturns in G7 countriesFriedrich, Christian / Klein, Melanie
2009 An analysis of the impact of the European convergence Phillips Curve: Evidence from US and Euro area in new EU member countriesFriedrich, Christian / Žďárek, Václav
2009 Productivity shocks and the New Keynesian Phillips Curve: Evidence from US and Euro areaAmbrocio, Gene / Jang, Tae-Seok
2009 The monetary transmission mechanism in the euro area: A VAR-analysis for Austria and GermanyBartels, Bernhard
2009 Inflation differentials in the Euroa area and their determinants: an empirical viesŽďárek, Václav / Aldasoro, Juan Ignacio
2009 How do firms organize trade?: Evidence from GhanaKrüger, Jens
2008 Bank accounts and savings - the impact of remittances and migration: a case study of MoldovaRios Avila, Fernando / Schlarb, Eva
2008 What do reaction functions tell us about central bank preferences?Elstner, Steffen / Tabaković, Tamer
2008 International R&D spillovers in transition countries: the impact of trade and foreign direct investmentKrammer, Marius Sorin
2007 Finance for growth: does a balanced financial structure matter?Cuadro-Sáez, Lucía / García-Herrero, Alicia
2007 The matching approach on expenditure patterns of migrant households: evidence from MoldovaPoppe, Robert
2007 Exchange rates and global imbalances: the importance of asset valuation effects and interest rate changesOberpriller, Christian M.
2007 Global current account imbalances and exchange rate adjustment: the role of oil suppliersOberpriller, Christian M.
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