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DateTitle Authors
2011 Naturalizing institutions: Evolutionary principles and application on the case of moneyHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2011 Making sense of institutional change in China: The cultural dimension of economic growth and modernizationHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2011 Hayek 2.0: Grundlinien einer naturalistischen Theorie wirtschaftlicher OrdnungenHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2011 Evaluating concepts for short-term control in financial service processesBehley, Dustin / Leyer, Michael
2011 Ratingverfahren: Diskriminanzanalyse versus Logistische RegressionBraun, Daniel / Allgeier, Burkhard / Cremers, Heinz
2011 Understanding the high profitability of Chinese banksLöchel, Horst / Li, Helena Xiang
2011 A spatial interpretation of the persistency of China's provincial inequalityYu, Xiaofan
2012 Auctions that are too good to be trueDecarolis, Francesco / Klein, Michael
2012 Infrastructure policy: Basic design optionsKlein, Michael
2012 What are the channels for technology sourcing? Panel data evidence from German companiesHarhoff, Dietmar / Mueller, Elisabeth / Van Reenen, John
2012 Does cadre turnover help or hinder China's green rise? Evidence from Shanxi provinceEaton, Sarah / Kostka, Genia
2012 SOA development and service identification: A case study on method use, context and success factorsBörner, René / Goeken, Matthias / Rabhi, Fethi
2012 A note on macro-financial implications of mobile money schemesMas, Ignacio / Klein, Michael
2012 Roving bandits in action: Outside option and governmental predation in autocraciesLibman, Alexander / Kozlov, Vladimir / Schultz, André
2012 Validierung von Konzepten zur Messung des Marktrisikos: Insbesondere des Value at Risk und des Expected ShortfallMehmke, Fabian / Cremers, Heinz / Packham, Natalie
2012 Eine Analyse des Credit Spreads und seiner Komponenten als Grundlage für Hedge Strategien mit KreditderivatenKrones, Julia / Cremers, Heinz
2012 Performativity of economic systems: Approach and implications for taxonomyHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2012 Moral sentiments, institutions, and civil society: Exploiting family resemblances between Smith and Hegel to resolve some conceptual issues in Sen's recent contributions to the theory of justiceBoldyrev, Ivan A. / Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2012 What makes Chinese firms productive? Learning from indigenous and foreign sources of knowledgeBoeing, Philipp / Mueller, Elisabeth / Sandner, Philipp
2012 Fixed income strategies for trading and for asset managementTinschert, Jonas / Cremers, Heinz
2012 Who's afraid of big bad banks? Bank competition, SME, and industry growthInklaar, Robert / Koetter, Michael / Noth, Felix
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