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DateTitle Authors
2010 Determinanten von Banken-Spreads während der FinanzmarktkriseHeidorn, Thomas / Birkmeyer, Jörg / Rogalski, André
2010 Are SMEs large firms en miniature? Evidence from a growth analysisBannier, Christina E. / Metz, Sabrina
2010 Funktionsweise und Replikationstil europäischer Exchange Traded Funds auf AktienindicesHeidorn, Thomas / Winker, Michael / Löw, Christian
2010 State and market integration in China: A spatial econometrics approach to 'local protectionism'Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten / Libman, Alexander / Xiaofan, Yu
2010 Implied correlations of iTraxx tranches during the financial crisisHeidorn, Thomas / Kahlert, Dennis
2010 Constitutions, regulations, and taxes: Contradictions of different aspects of decentralizationLibman, Alexander
2010 The evolutionary approach to entropy: Reconciling Georgescu-Roegen's natural philosophy with the maximum entropy frameworkHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2010 The value-added of investable hedge fund indicesHeidorn, Thomas / Kaiser, Dieter G. / Voinea, Andre
2010 Rethinking evolution, entropy and economics: A triadic conceptual framework for the maximum entropy principle as applied to the growth of knowledgeHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2010 M&A im Bereich Erneuerbarer EnergienFritz-Morgenthal, Sebastian G. / Hach, Sebastian T. / Schalast, Christoph
2010 Foreign banks and financial stability in emerging markets: Evidence from the global financial crisisVogel, Ursula / Winkler, Adalbert
2010 Words or deeds - what matters? Experience of recentralization in Russian security agenciesLibman, Alexander
2010 Chinese firms entering China's low-income market: Gaining competitive advantage by partnering governmentsKostka, Genia / Zhou, Jianghua
2010 Energy efficiency in China: The local bundling of interests and policiesKostka, Genia / Hobbs, William
2010 Embedded interests and the managerial local state: methanol fuel-switching in ChinaKostka, Genia / Hobbs, William
2010 Europe integrates less than you think: Evidence from the market for corporate control in Europe and the USUmber, Marc P. / Grote, Michael H. / Frey, Rainer
2010 Meaning and function in the theory of consumer choice: dual selves in evolving networksHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2010 Is it really different? Patterns of regionalisation in the post-Soviet Central AsiaLibman, Alexander / Vinokurov, Evgeny
2010 From boom to bust: how different has microfinance been from traditional banking?Wagner, Charlotte
2010 Subnational resource curse: do economic or political institutions matter?Libman, Alexander
2011 The innovative performance of China's national innovation systemBoeing, Philipp / Sandner, Philipp
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