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DateTitle Authors
2011 The innovative performance of China's national innovation systemBoeing, Philipp / Sandner, Philipp
2011 Institutions, distributed cognition and agency: rule-following as performative actionHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2011 Revisiting the Gaia hypothesis: Maximum Entropy, Kauffman's 'Fourth Law' and physiosemeiosisHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2011 A 'third culture' in economics? An essay on Smith, Confucius and the rise of ChinaHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2011 Transactional innovation and the de-commoditization of the Brazilian coffee tradeAndriani, Pierpaolo / Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2011 Incentivierung des Managements bei Unternehmenskäufen/Buy-Outs mit Private Equity Investoren - eine empirische UntersuchungSchalast, Christoph / Buxkaemper, Marius / Büchler, Christian / Wedel, Gregor
2011 Are human rights and economic well-being substitutes? Evidence from migration patterns across the Indian statesLibman, Alexander / Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten / Yadav, Gaurav
2011 The stability of traditional measures of index tracking qualityRoßbach, Peter / Karlow, Denis
2011 Modellierung von ZinsstrukturkurvenHewicker, Harald / Cremers, Heinz
2011 Energy service companies in China: The role of social networks and trustKostka, Genia / Shin, Kyoung
2011 Mobile banking and financial inclusion: The regulatory lessonsKlein, Michael / Mayer, Colin
2011 Stand der Literatur zur operativen Steuerung von DienstleistungsprozessenLeyer, Michael
2011 Performing comparative advantage: The case of the global coffee businessAndriani, Pierpaolo / Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2011 Tax return as a political statementLibman, Alexander / Schultz, André / Graeber, Thomas
2011 Bedürfnisse von Existenzgründern in der GründungsphaseDurst, Susanne / Leyer, Michael
2011 Environmental Protection Bureau leadership at the provincial level in China: Examining diverging career backgrounds and appointment patternsKostka, Genia
2011 Enrichment with growthKlein, Michael
2011 History matters, but how? An example of Ottoman and Habsburg legacies and judicial performance in RomaniaMendelski, Martin / Libman, Alexander
2011 Neuroökonomik, Institutionen und verteilte Kognition: Empirische Grundlagen eines nicht-reduktionistischen naturalistischen Forschungsprogramms in den WirtschaftswissenschaftenHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2011 Barriers to energy efficiency improvement: Empirical evidence from small-and-medium sized enterprises in ChinaKostka, Genia / Moslener, Ulf / Andreas, Jan G.
2011 Naturalizing institutions: Evolutionary principles and application on the case of moneyHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
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