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DateTitle Authors
2001 Default probabilities and default correlationsErlenmaier, Ulrich / Gersbach, Hans
2001 Dectecting speculative bubbles in stock prices: A new approach and some evidence for the USBohl, Martin T. / Siklos, Pierre L.
2001 On crisis models: An alternative crisis definitionEliasson, Ann-Charlotte / Kreuter, Christof
2001 The interventions of the European Central Bank: Effects, effectiveness, and policy implicationsFrenkel, Michael / Stadtmann, Georg / Pierdzioch, Christian
2001 Financial markets as a complex system: A short time scale perspectiveMarschinski, Robert / Matassini, Lorenzo
2001 New economy in Europe - reality or mirage?Stobbe, Antje
2001 Internationalisation of banking and banking supervisionSpeyer, Bernhard
2002 Corporate governance in Deutschland: Perspektiven der WissenschaftDeutsch, Klaus Günter
2002 Contagion of currency crises: Some theoretical and empirical analysisKarmann, Alexander / Greßmann, Oliver / Hott, Christian
2002 Sovereign credit ratingsEliasson, Ann-Charlotte
2002 Home bias, transactions costs, and prospects for the Euro: A more detailed analysisMann, Catherine L. / Meade, Ellen E.
2002 Monetary policy aspects of the enlargement of the Euro areaLommatzsch, Kirsten / Tober, Silke
2002 Capital controls, exchange rate volatility and risk premiumFrenkel, Michael / Stadtmann, Georg
2002 European financial integration and corporate governanceBuch, Claudia M. / Heinrich, Ralph P.
2002 Das Wertpapiererwerbs- und ÜbernahmegesetzSchmidt, Hartmut / Prigge, Stefan
2002 The threat of systemic risk in banking: Evidence for EuropeSchüler, Martin
2002 How integrated are the European retail financial markets? A cointegration analysisSchüler, Martin / Heinemann, Friedrich
2002 Asset allocation for pension provisionLahusen, Reinhard
2003 Finding the path(s) towards profitable e-commerceBughin, Jacques
2003 Not guilty? Another look at the nature and nurture of economics studentsHaucap, Justus / Just, Tobias
2003 Germany's Mezzogiorno revisited: Institutions, fiscal transfers and regional convergencePage, William
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