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DateTitle Authors
1998 Creditor panics: Causes and remediesSachs, Jeffrey D.
1998 Linking series generated at different frequencies and its applicationsHyung, Namwon
1998 A new approach to the evaluation and selection of leading indicatorsGottschling, Andreas / Trimbur, Thomas
1998 The reaction of exchange rates and interest rates of news releasesKreuter, Christof / Gottschling, Andreas / Cornelius, Peter
1998 Another look at yield spreads: Monetary policy and the term structure of interest ratesKim, Dong-heon
1999 Some shocking aspects of EMU enlargementFrenkel, Michael / Nickel, Christiane / Schmidt, Günter
1999 Stability issues in German money multiplier forecastsPolster, Rainer / Gottschling, Andreas
1999 How does EMU affect the dollar and the yen as international reserve and investment currencies?Frenkel, Michael / Søndergaard, Jens
1999 Closed form integration of artificial neural networks with some applicationsGottschling, Andreas / Haefke, Christian / White, Halbert
1999 The impact of the use of forecasts in information setsGallo, Giampiero M. / Granger, Clive William John / Jeon, Yongil
1999 The federal funds market and the overnight Eurodollar marketLee, Yungsook
1999 Approximation properties of the neuro-fuzzy minimum functionGottschling, Andreas / Kreuter, Christof
1999 An eclectic approach to real exchange rate: DeterminationCerveró, Susana G.
2000 East Asia in the aftermath: Was there a crunch?Ghosh, Swati R. / Ghosh, Atish R.
2000 An event history analysis on German long-term unemploymentLinzert, Tobias
2000 Trade in financial services, capital flows, and the value-at-risk of countriesCornelius, Peter K.
2000 Heterogeneous policy responses and the risk of monetary disintegration in EuropeCornelius, Peter K. / Trimbur, Thomas
2000 Feature extraction with hybrid neural networksWegmann, Georg
2000 The credit channel in Germany and the UK: Differences in the transmission of monetary policy?Lüdke, Ulrike
2000 Private and public information in self-fulfilling currency crisesMetz, Christina E.
2001 Default probabilities and default correlationsErlenmaier, Ulrich / Gersbach, Hans
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