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DateTitle Authors
2002 Sovereign credit ratingsEliasson, Ann-Charlotte
2002 Home bias, transactions costs, and prospects for the Euro: A more detailed analysisMann, Catherine L. / Meade, Ellen E.
2002 Monetary policy aspects of the enlargement of the Euro areaLommatzsch, Kirsten / Tober, Silke
2002 Capital controls, exchange rate volatility and risk premiumFrenkel, Michael / Stadtmann, Georg
2002 European financial integration and corporate governanceBuch, Claudia M. / Heinrich, Ralph P.
2002 Das Wertpapiererwerbs- und ÜbernahmegesetzSchmidt, Hartmut / Prigge, Stefan
2002 The threat of systemic risk in banking: Evidence for EuropeSchüler, Martin
2002 How integrated are the European retail financial markets? A cointegration analysisSchüler, Martin / Heinemann, Friedrich
2002 Asset allocation for pension provisionLahusen, Reinhard
2003 Finding the path(s) towards profitable e-commerceBughin, Jacques
2003 Not guilty? Another look at the nature and nurture of economics studentsHaucap, Justus / Just, Tobias
2003 Germany's Mezzogiorno revisited: Institutions, fiscal transfers and regional convergencePage, William
2003 OCA theory and EMU Eastern enlargement: An empirical applicationWeimann, Marco
2004 Silicon as an intermediary between renewable energy and hydrogenAuner, Norbert
2004 Silicium als Bindeglied zwischen Erneuerbaren Energien und WasserstoffAuner, Norbert
2004 Do economic agents act rationally? Empirical evidence from internet auctionsQuitzau, Jörn
2004 The Hidden Risks of Optimizing Bond Portfolios under VaRWinker, Peter / Maringer, Dietmar
2004 What Do We Know About Geographical Knowledge Spillovers and Regional Growth? A Survey of the LiteratureDöring, Thomas / Schnellenbach, Jan
2004 Handeln Wirtschaftssubjekte rational? Empirische Evidenz aus Internet-AuktionenQuitzau, Jörn
2004 Vom Elend der KonjunkturprognosenDicke, Hugo / Glismann, Hans H.
2004 Corporate practices and national governance systems: what do country rankings tell us?Cornelius, Peter K.
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