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DateTitle Authors
2010 International M&A: Evidence on effects of foreign takeoversMattes, Anselm
2009 Stochastische Überlagerung mit Hilfe der Mischungsverteilung: Schätzung linearer (Panel-)Modelle auf Basis anonymisierter DatenRonning, Gerd
2009 Außenwirtschaftliche Verbindungen der deutschen Bundesländer zur Republik ÖsterreichMattes, Anselm / Spies, Julia
2009 Reformoption Duale Einkommensteuer: Aufkommens- und VerteilungseffekteGottfried, Peter / Witczak, Daniela
2009 IV-Schätzung eines linearen Panelmodells mit stochastisch überlagerten Betriebs- und UnternehmensdatenBiewen, Elena / Ronning, Gerd / Rosemann, Martin
2009 The impact of horizontal and vertical FDI on labor demand for different skill groupsMattes, Anselm
2009 Network and border effects: Where do foreign multinationals locate in Germany?Spies, Julia
2009 Barriers to internationalization: Firm-level evidence from GermanyArndt, Christian / Buch, Claudia M. / Mattes, Anselm
2009 New firms - different jobs? An inquiry into the quality of employment in start-ups and incumbentsKoch, Andreas / Späth, Jochen
2009 Poverty and wealth reporting of the German Government: Approach, lessons and critiqueArndt, Christian / Volkert, Jürgen
2009 Intensifying the use of benefit sanctions - An effective tool to shorten welfare receipt and speed up transitions to employment?Boockmann, Bernhard / Thomsen, Stephan L. / Walter, Thomas
2009 Offshoring and the onshore composition of tasks and skillsBecker, Sascha O. / Ekholm, Karolina / Muendler, Marc-Andreas
2009 Financial constraints and the margins of FDIBuch, Claudia M. / Kesternich, Iris / Lipponer, Alexander / Schnitzer, Monika
2009 The responses of taxable income induced by tax cuts: Empirical evidence from the German taxpayer panelGottfried, Peter / Witczak, Daniela
2008 Trade's impact on the labor share: Evidence from German and Italian regionsBuch, Claudia M. / Monti, Paola / Toubal, Farid
2008 The impact of macroeconomic factors on risks in the banking sector: a cross-country empirical assessmentBohachova, Olga
2008 Effects of dismissal protection legislation on individual employment stability in GermanyBoockmann, Bernhard / Gutknecht, Daniel / Steffes, Susanne
2008 Das Konzept des Regionalen Gewerbeflächenpools aus ökonomischer SichtKrumm, Raimund
2008 Flächenschutzpolitische Implikationen eines Regionalen GewerbeflächenpoolsKrumm, Raimund
2008 Multiplicative measurement error and the simulation extrapolation methodBiewen, Elena / Nolte, Sandra / Rosemann, Martin
2008 Openness and income disparities: does trade explain the 'Mezzogiorno' effect?Buch, Claudia M. / Monti, Paola
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