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DateTitle Authors
2012 The structure of Canada's immigration system and Canadian labour market outcomesSweetman, Arthur / Warman, Casey
2012 Improved likelihood ratio tests for cointegration rank in the VAR modelBoswijk, H. Peter / Jansson, Michael / Ørregaard Nielsen, Morten
2012 Getting the right spin: A theory of optimal viral marketingBouchard St-Amant, Pier-André
2012 Identifying fiscal policy (in)effectiveness from the differential adoption of Keynesianism in the interwar periodMartineau, Nicolas-Guillaume / W. Smith, Gregor
2012 What is the cost of retaining and attracting exceptional talents? Evidence from the Canada Research Chair programCourty, Pascal / Sim, John
2012 Quality of life, firm productivity, and the value of amenities across Canadian citiesAlbouy, David / Leibovici, Fernando / Warman, Casey
2012 The impact of financial crises on the risk-return tradeoff and the leverage effectChristensen, Bent Jesper / Nielsen, Morten Ørregaard / Zhu, Jie
2012 Least squares model averaging by prediction criterionXie, Tian
2012 Information, commitment, and separation in illiquid housing marketsStacey, Derek G.
2012 Economic crises: The impact on Australia and CanadaMilne, Frank
2012 The role of initial values in nonstationary fractional time series modelsJohansen, Søren / Ørregaard Nielsen, Morten
2012 How targeted is targeted tax relief? Evidence from the unemployment insurance youth hires programWebb, Matthew / Sweetman, Arthur / Warman, Casey
2011 The fiscal burden of the legacy of the civil service pension systems in Northern CyprusAltiok, Hasan U. / Jenkins, Glenn P.
2011 The portability of new immigrants' human capital: Language, education and occupational matchingGoldmann, Gustave / Sweetman, Arthur / Warman, Casey
2011 Higher quality exhaustible resource deposits receiving higher or lower resource rents in a simple spatial frameworkHartwick, John
2011 Walk the line: Conflict, state capacity and the political dynamics of reformJain, Sanjay / Majumdar, Sumon / Mukand, Sharun
2011 A duty to voteUsher, Dan
2011 New-new trade policyCiuriak, Dan / Lapham, Beverly / Wolfe, Robert / Collins-Williams, Terry / Curtis, John M.
2011 Campaign advertising, redistribution and the gap between incomes of rich and poorUsher, Dan
2011 A monetary theory with non-degenerate distributionsMenzio, Guido / Shi, Shouyong / Sun, Hongfei
2011 Public-place smoking laws and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS)Carpenter, Christopher / Postolek, Sabina / Warman, Casey
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