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DateTitle Authors
2014 Awareness of Unawareness: A Theory of Decision Making in the Face of IgnoranceKarni, Edi / Vierø, Marie-Louise
2014 Wild Bootstrap Inference for Wildly Different Cluster SizesMacKinnon, James G. / Webb, Matthew D.
2014 Bootstrap tests for overidentification in linear regression modelsDavidson, Russell / MacKinnon, James G.
2014 The Krusell-Smith Algorithm: Are Self-fulfilling Equilibria Likely?Cozzi, Marco
2013 Externalities, Social Value and Word of Mouth: Notions of Public Economics on NetworksBouchard St-Amant, Pier-André
2013 Hypothesis Testing for Arbitrary BoundsPenney, Jeffrey
2013 Reworking Wild Bootstrap Based Inference for Clustered ErrorsWebb, Matthew D.
2013 Uncertainty in an Interconnected Financial System, Contagion, and Market FreezesLi, Mei / Milne, Frank / Qui, Junfeng
2013 Information Sharing and Incentives in Organizationsde Bettignies, Jean-Etienne / Zabojnik, Jan
2013 Two Sources of Bias in Estimating the Peak of the Laffer CurveUsher, Dan
2013 Mining Gold for the Currency during the Pax RomanaHartwick, John
2013 Central Bank Screening, Moral Hazard, and the Lender of Last Resort PolicyLi, Mei / Milne, Frank / Qiu, Junfen
2013 Benefit Charges for Firms and Households for Maintenance of the Legal SystemHartwick, John
2013 Measuring the Slowly Evolving Trend in US Inflation with Professional ForecastsNason, James M. / Smith, Gregor W.
2013 University Funding Policies: Buildings or Citizens?Bouchard St-Amant, Pier-André
2013 Optimal Redistributive Pensions with Temptation and Costly Self-ControlBouchard St-Amant, Pier-André / Garon, Jean-Denis
2013 Interwar Deflation and DepressionDorval, Bill / Smith, Gregor W.
2013 The Law of Urban Growth and the Local Public SectorHartwick, John
2013 Probabilistic Sophistication and Reverse BayesianismKarni, Edi / Vierø, Marie-Louise
2013 A fast fractional difference algorithmNoack Jensen, Andreas / Ørregaard Nielsen, Morten
2013 The Limits of Central Counterparty Clearing: Collusive Moral Hazard and Market LiquidityKoeppl, Thorsten V.
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