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DateTitle Authors
2010 Market expectations and option prices: Evidence for the Can$/US$ exchange rateGarcía, Alejandro / Prokopiw, Andrei
2010 Has the inclusion of forward-looking statements in monetary policy communications made the Bank of Canada more transparent?Fay, Christine / Gravelle, Toni
2010 Inventories, stockouts, and ToTEMKryvtsov, Oleksiy / Zhang, Yang
2010 Power of many: Assessing the economic impact of the global fiscal stimulusDe Resende, Carlos / Lalonde, René / Snudden, Stephen
2010 Prospects for global current account rebalancingBeaton, Kimberly / De Resende, Carlos / Lalonde, René / Snudden, Stephen
2010 Losses from simulated defaults in Canada's large value transfer systemZhang, Nellie / Hossfeld, Tom
2010 The macroeconomic implications of changes in bank capital and liquidity requirements in Canada: Insights from the BoC-GEM-FINde Resende, Carlos / Dib, Ali / Perevalov, Nikita
2010 Statistical confidence intervals for the Bank of Canada's Business Outlook SurveyDe Munnik, Daniel
2010 Evaluating the effect of the Bank of Canada's conditional commitment policyHe, Zhongfang
2010 Le pouvoir de prévision des indices PMIGodbout, Claudia / Jacob, Jocelyn
2010 Asset-liability management: An overviewRomanyuk, Yuliya
2010 The fisher BCPI: The Bank of Canada's new commodity price indexKolet, Ilan / Macdonald, Ryan
2010 Inventories in ToTEMKryvtsov, Oleksiy / Zhang, Yang
2010 Liquidity, risk, and return: Specifying an objective function for the management of foreign reservesRomanyuk, Yuliya
2009 Measures of aggregate credit conditions and their potential use by central banksGarcía, Alejandro / Prokopiw, Andrei
2009 Relative prices, trading gains, and real GDI: The case of CanadaZheng, Yi
2009 Market timing of long-term debt issuanceWitmer, Jonathan
2009 The outlook for the global supply of oil: Running on faith?Gervais, Olivier / Kolet, Ilan
2009 Household debt, assets, and income in Canada: A microdata studyMeh, Césaire A. / Terajima, Yaz / Chen, David Xiao / Carter, Tom
2009 Canada and the IMF: Trailblazer or prodigal son?Bordo, Michael / Gomes, Tamara / Schembri, Lawrence
2009 Strengthening IMF surveillance: An assessment of recent reformsLavigne, Robert / Schembri, Lawrence
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