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DateTitle Authors
2008 The carry trade, portfolio diversification, and the adjustment of the Japanese yenWinters, Corinne
2008 The global effects of US fiscal policyFlood, Kimberly
2008 Sterilized intervention in emerging-market economies: Trends, costs, and risksLavigne, Robert
2008 The implementation of monetary policy in CanadaEngert, Walter / Gravelle, Toni / Howard, Donna
2008 Merchant acceptance, costs, and perceptions of retail payments: A Canadian surveyArango, Carlos / Taylor, Varya
2008 China's exchange rate policy: A survey of the literatureLafrance, Robert
2008 The effects of a disruption in CDSX settlement on activity in the LVTS: A simulation studyEmbree, Lana / Millar, Kirby
2008 Financial constraints and the cash-holding behaviour of Canadian firmsMcVanel, Darcey / Perevalov, Nikita
2008 Reforming the IMF: Lessons from modern central bankingMaier, Philipp / Santor, Eric
2008 The Canadian dollar and commodity prices: Has the relationship changed over time?Maier, Philipp / DePratto, Brian
2008 A structural VAR approach to core inflation in CanadaMartel, Sylvain
2008 Understanding productivity: A review of recent technical researchDion, Richard / Fay, Robert
2008 A survey and risk analysis of selected non-bank retail payments systemsChande, Nikil
2008 An overview of carbon markets and emissions trading: Lessons for CanadaKing, Michael R.
2008 Liquidity efficiency and distribution in the LVTS: Non-neutrality of system changes under network asymmetryO'Connor, Sean / Chapman, James / Millar, Kirby
2008 What to do about bilateral credit limits in the LVTS when a closure is anticipated: Risk versus liquidity sharing among LVTS participantsO'Connor, Sean / Caldwell, Greg
2008 The impact of sovereign wealth funds on international financial stabilityGomes, Tamara
2008 India and the global demand for commodities: Is there an elephant in the room?Francis, Michael / Winters, Corinne
2009 Assessing the implementation of the IMF's 2007 surveillance decisionLavigne, Robert / Vasishtha, Garima
2009 Are commodity prices useful leading indicators of inflation?Cheung, Calista
2009 Emerging Asia's impact on food and oil prices: A model-based analysisLalonde, René / Maier, Philipp / Muir, Dirk
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