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DateTitle Authors
2013 Sovereign default and state-contingent debtBrooke, Martin / Mendes, Rhys / Pienkowski, Alex / Santor, Eric
2013 Méthodologie de construction de séries de taux de défaut pour l'industrie canadienneDjoudad, Ramdane / Bordeleau, Étienne
2013 Lessons from the financial crisis: Bank performance and regulatory reformArjani, Neville / Paulin, Graydon
2013 Asking about wages: Results from the Bank of Canada's Wage Setting Survey of Canadian companiesAmirault, David / Fenton, Paul / Laflèche, Thérèse
2012 How important are liquidity constraints for Canadian households? Evidence from micro-dataFaruqui, Umar / Torchani, Samah
2012 Extracting information from the business outlook survey using statistical approachesPichette, Lise
2012 A note on central counterparties in repo marketsTomura, Hajime
2012 Why is cash (still) so entrenched? Insights from the Bank of Canada's 2009 methods-of-Payment surveyArango,Carlos / Hogg, Dylan / Lee, Alyssa
2012 The Bank of Canada's 2009 Methods-of-Payment survey: Methodology and key resultsArango, Carlos / Welte, Angelika
2012 The US-dollar supranational zero-coupon curveRivadeneyra, Francisco
2012 A framework to assess vulnerabilities arising from household indebtedness using microdataDjoudad, Ramdane
2012 A foreign activity measure for predicting Canadian exportsMorel, Louis
2012 Canadian bank balance-sheet management: Breakdown by types of Canadian financial institutionsChen, David Xiao / Damar, H. Evren / Soubra, Hani / Terajima, Yaz
2011 Financial frictions, financial shocks and labour market fluctuations in CanadaZhang, Yahong
2011 The role of financial speculation in driving the price of crue oilAlquist, Ron / Gervais, Olivier
2011 Exchange rates and individual good's price misalignment: Some preliminary evidence of long-horizon predictabilityDong, Wei / Nam, Deokwoo
2011 The behaviour of consumer prices across provincesWilkinson, Gordon
2011 The impact of operational events on the network structure of the LVTSRoberts, Tom
2011 What matters in determining capital surcharges for systemically important financial institutions?Gauthier, Céline / Gravelle, Toni / Liu, Xuezhi / Souissi, Moez
2011 External stability, real exchange rate adjustment and the exchange rate regime in emerging-market economiesGervais, Olivier / Schembri, Lawrence / Suchanek, Lena
2011 A model of the EFA liabilitiesRivadeneyra, Francisco / Dissou, Oumar
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