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DateTitle Authors
2012 Testing Wagner's law at different stages of economic development: A historical analysis of five Western European countriesKuckuck, Jan
2012 Effects of simultaneity on testing Granger-causality: A cautionary note about statistical problems and economic misinterpretationsWilde, Joachim
2012 International reserves and the composition of equity capital inflowsQian, Xingwang / Steiner, Andreas
2012 On creditor seniority and sovereign bond prices in EuropeSteinkamp, Sven / Westermann, Frank
2011 Are there spillover effects from Hong Kong and the United States to Chinese stock marketsDiekmann, Katharina
2011 The duration of bank retail interest ratesCraig, Ben R. / Dinger, Valeriya
2011 Does the introduction of IFRS change the timeless of loss recognition? Evidence from German firmsBrauer, Sebastian / Leuschner, Carl-Friedrich / Westermann, Frank
2010 A note on the time series measure of conservatismBrauer, Sebastian / Westermann, Frank
2010 How strong is the case for dollarization in Central America? An empirical analysis of business cycles, credit market imperfections and the exchange rateLindenberg, Nannette / Westermann, Frank
2010 The impact of skills on remigration flowsBönisch, Peter / Gaffert, Philipp / Wilde, Joachim
2010 Contagious policies: An analysis of spatial interactions among countries' capital account policiesSteiner, Andreas
2010 Central banks' dilemma: Reserve accumulation, inflation and financial instabilitySteiner, Andreas
2010 Financial development and sectoral output growth in 19th century GermanyDiekmann, Katharina / Westermann, Frank
2010 The accumulation of foreign exchange by central banks: Fear of capital mobility?Steiner, Andreas
2009 Proposals for a needed adjustment of the VaR-based market risk charge of Basle IIFricke, Jens / Pauly, Ralf
2009 Common trends and common cycles among interest rates of the G7-countriesLindenberg, Nannette / Westermann, Frank
2009 How strong is the case for dollarization in Costa Rica? A note on the business cycle comovements with the United StatesLindenberg, Nannette / Westermann, Frank
2008 An analysis of aggregate lending in JapanKünne, Christian / Westermann, Frank
2008 Risk evaluation in financial risk management: Prediction limits and backtestingPauly, Ralf / Fricke, Jens
2006 Decomposing the effects of financial liberalization: Crises vs. growthRanciere, Romain / Tornell, Aaron / Westermann, Frank
2005 Small-sample properties of estimators in an ARCH(1) and GARCH(1,1) model with a generalized error distribution: A robustness studyPauly, Ralf / Kosater, Peter