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DateTitle Authors
2003 Whither global agriculture? Research needsThompson, Robert L.
2003 Stepping towards a borderless market? The future of the trans-Tasman market. Report to Australia New Zealand Business Council Inc.Nixon, Chris
2003 Ngai Tahu seafood: A case study in business developmentNixon, Chris
2003 New Zealand's agricultural trade approach after CancunThompson, Robert / Lattimore, Ralph / Nixon, Chris
2002 "Competition policy" and the Doha development agenda. A position paper for the Foundation for Research, Science, and TechnologyVautier, Kerrin M.
2002 The changing demand for qualified labour in New ZealandLattimore, Ralph / Hawke, Gary / Duncan, Ian / Ballingall, John
2002 Trade and wages in AustraliaLattimore, Ralph
2002 The current round of agricultural trade negotiations: Should we bother about domestic support?Rae, Allan N. / Strutt, Anna
2002 Reform's stunted cropOrden, David
2002 Education reform: The New Zealand experienceHawke, Gary
2002 WTO dispute settlement procedure: Implications for a small countryNixon, Chris
2001 Processed food trade and developing countries: Protection and trade reformRae, Allan / Josling, Timothy
2001 State business is a cruel tradeMacMillan, Stuart
2001 Trade creation and residual quota protection in a free trade area with domestic monopolyFeldman, David / Richardson, Martin
2001 Agriculture in Poland and Hungary and the potential effects on the EU's agricultural policies
2000 The relative tariff ratio indexSandrey, Ron
2000 The World Bank and poverty: Cause or cure?Candler, Wilfred
2000 Obstacles to progress in multilateral agricultural trade negotiations: Accommodating the needs of developing & transition countriesMacClatchy, Don
2000 CER: The cornerstone of New Zealand's trade policyNixon, Chris
2000 New Zealand exports of education services
1999 Trade and factor-market effects of New Zealand's reforms. Report to the Foundation for Research Science and TechnologyDeardorff, Alan / Lattimore, Ralph
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