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DateTitle Authors
1999 Wheat growing, flour milling and bread baking: A case study of a domestic agricultural industry adapting to overseas competition. Report to the foundation for Research Science and TechnologyPickford, Michael
1999 Livestock production and the environment: An initial assessment of some impacts of trade liberalisation. Report to the Foundation for Research Science and TechnologyRae, Allan N.
1999 Trade and factor-market effects of New Zealand's reforms. Report to the Foundation for Research Science and TechnologyDeardorff, Alan / Lattimore, Ralph
2000 New Zealand exports of education services
2000 CER: The cornerstone of New Zealand's trade policyNixon, Chris
2000 Obstacles to progress in multilateral agricultural trade negotiations: Accommodating the needs of developing & transition countriesMacClatchy, Don
2000 The World Bank and poverty: Cause or cure?Candler, Wilfred
2000 The relative tariff ratio indexSandrey, Ron
2001 Agriculture in Poland and Hungary and the potential effects on the EU's agricultural policies
2001 Trade creation and residual quota protection in a free trade area with domestic monopolyFeldman, David / Richardson, Martin
2001 State business is a cruel tradeMacMillan, Stuart
2001 Processed food trade and developing countries: Protection and trade reformRae, Allan / Josling, Timothy
2002 WTO dispute settlement procedure: Implications for a small countryNixon, Chris
2002 Education reform: The New Zealand experienceHawke, Gary
2002 Reform's stunted cropOrden, David
2002 The current round of agricultural trade negotiations: Should we bother about domestic support?Rae, Allan N. / Strutt, Anna
2002 Trade and wages in AustraliaLattimore, Ralph
2002 The changing demand for qualified labour in New ZealandLattimore, Ralph / Hawke, Gary / Duncan, Ian / Ballingall, John
2002 "Competition policy" and the Doha development agenda. A position paper for the Foundation for Research, Science, and TechnologyVautier, Kerrin M.
2003 New Zealand's agricultural trade approach after CancunThompson, Robert / Lattimore, Ralph / Nixon, Chris
2003 Ngai Tahu seafood: A case study in business developmentNixon, Chris
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