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DateTitle Authors
2009 Building the pillars of a regional economic partnership. A report to inform New Zealand's contribution to Phase II of CEPEABallingall, John
2009 New Zealand's patterns of comparative advantageLattimore, Ralph / Kowalski, Przemyslaw / Hawke, Gary
2006 Perspectives on the internationalisation of the New Zealand labour market: A case study of roaming eggheadsWeinhold, Nicolas
2006 Farming subsidy reform dividendsLattimore, Ralph
2005 Māori in the trading world: Conventional & emerging opportunitiesNixon, Chris / Schrage, Rebecca
2005 Trade, growth, and global connectivity in the New Zealand contextNees, Chris
2005 International trade in services: A scoping study of services trade and estimates of benefits from services trade liberalisationBallingall, John / Stephenson, John
2005 "Pacific ways" of talk: Hui and talanoaRobinson, David / Robinson, Kayt
2005 New Zealand's love affair with houses and carsKhaled, Mohammed / Lattimore, Ralph
2005 Economic trends and China's impact on world tradeNixon, Chris
2005 Manufacturing trade: The changing demand for apparel in New Zealand and import protectionKhaled, Mohammed / Lattimore, Ralph
2005 Anti-dumping in New Zealand: A century of protection from "unfair" trade?Garcia, Martin / Baker, Astrid
2005 Should I stay or should I go now? Temporary migration: a survey and questions for New ZealandNixon, Chris / Nees, Chris
2004 Innovation and trade liberalisation: A case study of the New Zealand deer industryNixon, Chris
2004 Economic growth: A note on demographic and economic issuesNixon, Chris
2004 Farming in New Zealand: The state of play and key issues for the backbone of the New Zealand economyBallingall, John / Lattimore, Ralph
2004 Adjustment to agricultural policy reform: Issues and lessons from the New Zealand experienceRae, Allan / Nixon, Chris / Lattimore, Ralph
2004 Fragmenting food markets: Some New Zealand evidence from a two-stage budget modelKhaled, Mohammed / McWha, Vhari / Lattimore, Ralph
2003 Factor flows between Australia and New ZealandLloyd, P. J.
2003 The trans-Tasman economic relationship: Like ham and eggs? "The chicken has an interest but the pig is committed"Nixon, Chris
2003 Whither global agriculture? Research needsThompson, Robert L.
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