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DateTitle Authors
2012 Accounting for changes in income inequality: Decomposition analyses for Great Britain, 1968 - 2009Brewer, Mike / Wren-Lewis, Liam
2012 Social connectedness and generalized trust: A longitudinal perspectiveSturgis, Patrick / Patulny, Roger / Allum, Nick / Buscha, Franz
2011 Patterns of persistent poverty: Evidence from EU-SILCJenkins, Stephen / van Kerm, Philippe
2011 Access to flexible working and informal careBryan, Mark L.
2011 Occupational change and mobility among employed and unemployed job seekersLonghi, Simonetta / Taylor, Mark
2011 (Non)persistent effects of fertility on female labour supplyRondinelli, Concetta / Zizza, Roberta
2011 The impact of mobile phones on survey measurement errorLynn, Peter / Kaminska, Olena
2011 Consenting to health record linkage: Evidence from the British household panel studyKnies, Gundi / Sala, Emanuela / Burton, Jonathan
2011 Initiation into crime: An analysis of Norwegian register data on five cohortsGalloway, Taryn Ann / Pudney, Stephen
2011 Can I just check...? Effects of edit check questions on measurement error and survey estimatesLugtig, Peter / Jäckle, Annette
2011 Monitoring and monetary incentives in addressing absenteeism: Evidence from a sequence of policy changesD'Amuri, Francesco
2011 Health information and health outcomes: An application of the regression discontinuity design to the 1995 UK contraceptive pill scare caseDel Bono, Emilia / Francesconi, Marco / Best, Nicky G.
2011 The long shadow of income on trustworthinessErmisch, John / Gambetta, Diego
2011 Financial capability, income and psychological wellbeingTaylor, Mark / Jenkins, Stephen / Sacker, Amanda
2011 The work capability assessment and a "real world" test of incapacity: Considerations from, and for, quantitative researchBerthoud, Richard
2011 Is it a good idea to optimise question format for mode of data collection? Results from a mixed modes experimentNicolaas, Gerry / Campanelli, Pamela / Hope, Steven / Jäckle, Annette / Lynn, Peter
2011 The importance of independent income: Understanding the role of non-means-tested earnings replacement benefitsBennett, Fran / Sutherland, Holly
2011 What you don't see can't hurt you? Panel data analysis and the dynamics of unobservable factorsHernández, Mónica / Pudney, Stephen
2011 The total survey error paradigm and pre-election polls: The case of the 2006 Italian general electionsFumagalli, Laura / Sala, Emanuela
2011 Child mental health and educational attainment: Multiple observers and the measurement error problemJohnston, David / Propper, Carol / Pudney, Stephen / Shields, Michael
2011 Self-employment flows and persistance: A European comparative analysisTaylor, Mark
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