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DateTitle Authors
2010 Disability benefits for older people: How does the UK attendance allowance system really work?Pudney, Steve
2010 Looking for a middle class bias: Salary and co-operation in social surveysToomse, Mari
2010 An experimental analysis of the impact of survey design on measures and models of subjective wellbeingPudney, Steve
2010 Endogenous job contact networksGaleotti, Andrea / Merlino, Luca Paolo
2010 Data quality in telephone surveys and the effect of questionnaire length: A cross-national experimentRoberts, Caroline / Eva, Gillian / Allum, Nick / Lynn, Peter
2010 Coverage and adequacy of minimum income schemes in the European UnionFigari, Francesco / Haux, Tina / Matsaganis, Manos / Sutherland, Holly
2010 Attendance allowance and disability living allowance claimants in the older population: Is there a difference in their economic circumstances?Hancock, Ruth / Morciano, Marcello
2010 The distributional impact of reforms to disability benefits for older people in the UKHancock, Ruth / Pudney, Stephen
2010 Buyer power and price discrimination: The case of the UK care homes marketHancock, Ruth / Hviid, Morten
2010 Is there an income gradient in child health? It depends whom you askJohnston, David W. / Propper, Carol / Pudney, Stephen E. / Shields, Michael A.
2010 Family, friends and personal communities: Changing models-in-the-mindPahl, Ray / Spencer, Liz
2010 Who delays childbearing? The relationships between fertility, education and personality traitsTavares, Lara PatrĂ­cio
2010 Activating lone parents: An evidence-based policy appraisal of the recent welfare-to-work reform in BritainHaux, Tina
2010 Savings, investments, debts and psychological well-being in married and cohabiting couplesKan, Man-Yee / Laurie, Heather
2010 Correlates of obtaining informed consent to data linkage: Respondent, interview and interviewer characteristicsSala, Emanuela / Burton, Jonathan / Knies, Gundi
2010 Experiments with methods to reduce attrition in longitudinal surveysFumagalli, Laura / Laurie, Heather / Lynn, Peter
2010 Estimates of survival and mortality from successive cross-sectional surveysSmith, David W. / McFall, Stephanie L. / Bradshaw, Benjamin S.
2010 Approximations to the truth: Comparing survey and microsimulation approaches to measuring income for social indicatorsFigari, Francesco / Iacovou, Maria / Skew, Alexandra / Sutherland, Holly
2010 Causal effects of parents' education on children's educationErmisch, John / Pronzato, Chiara
2010 Yearning, learning and conceding: (Some of) the reasons people change their childbearing intentionsIacovou, Maria / Tavares, Lara PatrĂ­cio
2010 Differences in employment histories between employed and unemployed job seekersLonghi, Simonetta / Taylor, Mark
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