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DateTitle Authors
1999 Lone mothers and poverty in Italy, Germany and Great Britain: evidence from panel dataRuspini, Elisabetta
2000 Examining working time arrangements using time use survey dataHarvey, Andrew / Fisher, Kimberly / Gershuny, Jonathan / Akbari, Ather
2000 Temporary jobs: who gets them, what are they worth, and do they lead anywhere?Booth, Alison L. / Francesconi, Marco / Frank, Jeff
2000 Women and part-time employment: workers' 'choices' and wage penalties in five industrialized countriesBardasi, Elena / Gornick, Janet C.
2000 Panel regression models for measuring poverty dynamics in Great BritainBetti, Gianni / D'Agostino, Antonella / Neri, Laura
2000 Stratified or comprehensive? the economic efficiency of school designBrunello, Giorgio / Giannini, Massiomo
2000 My home was my castle: evictions and repossessions in BritainBöheim, René / Taylor, Mark P.
2000 Learning and economic policy choices with an application to IMF agreementsYebra, Covadonga Meseguer
2000 Occupational pensions and interfirm job mobility in the European Union. Evidence from the ECHP surveyAndrietti, Vincenzo
2000 The efficiency hypothesis and the role of 'news' in the Euro/British pound exchange rate market: an empirical analysis using daily dataNapolitano, Oreste
2000 Family formation in multi-cultural Britain: three patterns of diversityBerthoud, Richard
2000 The living arrangements of elderly EuropeansIacovou, Maria
2000 Examining flexible labour in Europe: the first three waves of the ECHPFisher, Kimberly / Fouarge, Didier / Muffels, Ruud J.A. / Verma, Vijay
2000 Disability, work and income: a British perspectiveBardasi, Elena / Jenkins, Stephen P. / Rigg, John A.
2000 Retirement and the economic well-being of the elderly: a British perspectiveBardasi, Elena / Jenkins, Stephen P. / Rigg, John A.
2000 Becoming a homeowner in Britain in the 1990sErmisch, John / Halpin, Brendan
2000 The search for success: do the unemployed find stable employment?Böheim, René / Taylor, Mark P.
2000 To what extent do fiscal regimes equalize opportunities for income acquisition among citizens?Roemer, John E. / Aaberge, Rolf / Colombino, Ugo / Fritzell, Johan / Jenkins, Stephen P. / Marx, Ive / Page, Marianne / Pommer, Evert / Ruiz-Castillo, Javier / San Segundo, Maria Jesus / Tranaes, Torben / Wagner, Gert G. / Zubiri, Ignacio
2000 Investigating long-term retest effects in the GHQ-12Pevalin, David J.
2000 Occupational pension coverage in the European Union. An empirical analysisAndrietti, Vincenzo
2000 The dynamics and inequality of Italian male earnings: permanent changes or transitory fluctuations?Cappellari, Lorenzo
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