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DateTitle Authors
Feb-2014 Institutional Rearing Is Associated with Lower General Life Satisfaction in AdulthoodRichter, David / Lemola, Sakari
Dec-2013 Stability and Change in Affective Experience Across the Adult Life Span: Analyses With a National Sample From GermanyKunzmann, Ute / Richter, David / Schmukle, Stefan C.
Sep-2013 The Course of Subjective Sleep Quality in Middle and Old Adulthood and Its Relation to Physical HealthLemola, Sakari / Richter, David
Aug-2013 Validating an Ultra-Short Survey Measure of PatienceVischer, Thomas / Dohmen, Thomas / Falk, Armin / Huffman, David / Schupp, Jürgen / Sunde, Uwe / Wagner, Gert G.
May-2013 Statistical Matching of Administrative and Survey Data: An Application to Wealth Inequality AnalysisRasner, Anika / Frick, Joachim R. / Grabka, Markus M.
May-2013 The Effect of Unemployment on the Mental Health of Spouses – Evidence from plant closures in GermanyMarcus, Jan
May-2013 Partnership Longevity and Personality Congruence in CouplesRammstedt, Beatrice / Spinath, Frank M. / Richter, David / Schupp, Jürgen
Mar-2013 SHARELIFE - One Century of Life Histories in EuropeBörsch-Supan, Axel / Brandt, Martina / Schröder, Mathis
Mar-2013 Jobless Now, Sick Later? Investigating the Long-term Consequences of Involuntary Job Loss on HealthSchröder, Mathis
Feb-2013 Need for Conclusive Evidence that Positive and Negative Reciprocity are UnrelatedEgloff, Boris / Richter, David / Schmukle, Stefan C.
2013 Consent when Linking Survey Data with Administrative Records : The Role of the InterviewerKorbmacher, Julie M. / Schröder, Mathis
2013 Analyzing regional variation in health care utilization using (rich) household microdataEibich, Peter / Ziebarth, Nicolas R.
Oct-2012 A Household Study of Self-Regulation in Children - Intergenerational Links and Maternal AntecedentsDrobetz, Reinhard / Maercker, Andreas / Spieß, C. Katharina / Wagner, Gert G. / Forstmeier, Simon
Oct-2012 A New Approach for Assessing Sleep Duration and Postures from Ambulatory AccelerometryWrzus, Cornelia / Brandmaier, Andreas M. / von Oertzen, Timo / Müller, Viktor / Wagner, Gert G. / Riediger, Michaela
Jun-2012 Naming and War in Modern GermanyBruhn, Anja / Huschka, Denis / Wagner, Gert G.
Mar-2012 How Important Is Cultural Background for the Level of Intergenerational Mobility?Schnitzlein, Daniel D.
Feb-2012 Dealing With Incomplete Household Panel Data in Inequality ResearchFrick, Joachim R. / Grabka, Markus M. / Groh-Samberg, Olaf
2012 Gender and Remittances: Evidence from GermanyHolst, Elke / Schäfer, Andrea / Schrooten, Mechthild
2012 Respondent-Driven SamplingSchonlau, Matthias / Liebau, Elisabeth
2012 Labour Market Integration, Occupational Uncertainty, and Fertility Choices in Germany and the UKSchmitt, Christian
Dec-2011 The Cyclicality of Effective Wages within Employer–Employee Matches in a Rigid Labor MarketAnger, Silke
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