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DateTitle Authors
2011 Monetary aggregates, financial intermediate and the business cycleHong, Hao
2011 The robustness of the higher-order 2SLS and general k-class bias approximations to non-normal disturbancesPhillips, Garry D. A. / Liu-Evans, Gareth
2011 Almost unbiased estimation in simultaneous equations models with strong and/or weak instrumentsIglesias, Emma M. / Phillips, Garry D. A.
2011 Can a pure real business cycle model explain the real exchange rate: The case of UkraineOnishchenko, Kateryna
2011 UK fiscal policy sustainability, 1955 - 2006Fan, Jingwen / Arghyrou, Michael G.
2011 Deferred taxation and effective tax rates on income from capital in the United States, 2000 - 2010Polito, Vito
2011 A simple theory of structural transformationGillman, Max
2011 Price-level targeting versus inflation targeting over the long-termHatcher, Michael C.
2011 Financial sector shocks, external finance premium and business cycleZhang, Hongru
2011 Inflation versus price-level targeting and the zero lower bound: Stochastic simulations from the Smets-Wouters US modelHatcher, Michael C.
2011 Competitive conditions in the Jamaican banking market 1998 - 2009Daley, Jenifer / Matthews, Kent
2010 Implicit Contracts and the Cyclicality of the Skill-PremiumPourpourides, Panayiotis M.
2010 Labour productivity and rice production in BangladeshSelim, Sheikh
2010 The Greek debt crisis: Likely causes, mechanics and outcomesArghyrou, Michael G. / Tsoukalas, John D.
2010 The strength and persistence of entrepreneurial culturesForeman-Peck, James / Zhou, Peng
2010 Reforms, incentives, welfare and productivity growth in Chinese wheat productionPatel, Vasita / Selim, Sheikh
2010 Corruption as a form of extreme individualism: An economic explanation based on geography and climate conditionsArghyrou, Michael G.
2010 Banking efficiency in emerging market economiesMatthews, Kent
2010 US post-war monetary policy: What caused the Great Moderation?Minford, Patrick / Ou, Zhirong
2010 Risk management and managerial efficiency in Chinese banks: A network DEA frameworkMatthews, Kent
2010 How much nominal rigidity is there in the US economy? Testing a new Keynesian DSGE model using indirect inferenceVo Phuong Mai Le / Minford, Patrick / Wickens, Michael
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