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DateTitle Authors
2012 R&D and aggregate fluctuationsArtuç, Erhan / Pourpourides, Panayiotis M.
2011 Real business cycles with a human capital investment sector and endogenous growth: Persistence, volatility and labor puzzlesDang, Jing / Gillman, Max / Kejak, Michal
2011 An empirical analysis of current account determinants in emerging Asian economiesYang, Lucun
2011 Comparing inflation and price-level targeting: A comprehensive review of the literatureHatcher, Michael C.
2011 Optimal taxation and redistribution in a two sector two class agents' economySelim, Sheikh
2011 Capital income taxation incentives during economic downturns: Re-thinking theory and evidenceLongobardi, Ernesto / Polito, Vito
2011 Basic, applied and experimental knowledge and productivity: Further evidenceLuintel, Kul B. / Khan, Mosahid
2011 Efficiency convergence properties of Indonesian banks 1992 - 2007Zhang, Tiantian / Matthews, Kent
2011 Extreme divorce: The managerial revolution in UK companies before 1914Foreman-Peck, James / Hannah, Leslie
2011 Money, interest rates and the real activityHong, Hao
2011 The impact of price regulations on regional welfare and agricultural productivity in ChinaSelim, Sheikh
2011 Up or down? Capital income taxation in the United States and the United KingdomPolito, Vito
2011 Product differentiation, the volume of trade and profits under Cournot and Bertrand duopolyCollie, David R. / Vo Phuong Mai Le
2011 Can the fiscal theory of the price level explain UK inflation in the 1970s?Fan, Jingwen / Minford, Patrick
2011 Cross-selling, switching costs and imperfect competition in British banksZhao, Tianshu / Matthews, Kent / Murinde, Victor
2011 UK macroeconomic volatility and the welfare costs of inflationPolito, Vito / Spencer, Peter
2011 Generalized Taylor and generalized Calvo price and wagesetting: Micro evidence with macro implicationsDixon, Huw / Le Bihan, Hervé
2011 Optimal indexation of government bonds and monetary policyHatcher, Michael C.
2011 Fiscal policy multipliers in a new Keynesian model under positive and zero nominal interest rateKaszab, Lorant
2011 Post-crisis cost efficiency of Jamaican banksDaley, Jenifer / Matthews, Kent / Zhang, Tiantian
2011 Monetary aggregates, financial intermediate and the business cycleHong, Hao
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