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DateTitle Authors
2008 A credit-banking explanation of the equity premium, term premium, and risk-free rate puzzlesScheffel, Eric
2008 Consumption velocity in a cash costly-credit modelScheffel, Eric
2008 Peripherality and the impact of SME takeoversForeman-Peck, James / Nicholls, Tom
2008 Non-smooth dynamics and multiple equilibria in a Cournot-Ramsey model with endogenous markupsBrito, Paulo / Costa, Luís F. / Dixon, Huw
2008 Testing a DSGE model of the EU using indirect inferenceMeenagh, David / Minford, Patrick / Wickens, Michael
2008 Real exchange rate overshooting in real business cycle model: An empirical evidence from IndiaMinford, Patrick / Pal, Soubarna
2008 Financial structure and economic growthLuintel, Kul B. / Khan, Mosahid / Arestis, Philip / Theodoridis, Konstantinos
2008 Private information in executives' option trades: Evidence from the UKKyriacou, Kyriacos / Luintel, Kul B. / Mase, Bryan
2008 Are central bank preferences asymmetric? A commentMinford, Patrick / Srinivasan, Naveen
2008 Baltic tax reformĀzacis, Helmuts / Gillman, Max
2008 Information-based trade in the Shanghai stockmarketCopeland, Laurence / Wong, Woon K. / Zeng, Y
2009 A banking explanation of the US velocity of money: 1919 - 2004Benk, Szilárd / Gillman, Max / Kejak, Michal
2009 Gratuitous violence and the rational offender modelForeman-Peck, James / Moore, Simon
2009 Bank productivity in China 1997 - 2007: An exercise in measurementMatthews, Kent / Zhang, Nina
2009 Economic policy: Protectionism as an elite strategyVo Phuong Mai Le / Minford, Patrick / Nowell, Eric
2009 Consistent estimation, model selection and averaging of dynamic panel data models with fixed effectLi, Guangjie
2009 Out of many, dominance by a few? Market power in the Jamaican banking sectorDaley, Jenifer / Matthews, Kent
2009 Auditor quality and the role of accounting information in explaining UK stock returnsClatworthy, Mark A. / Pong, Christopher K .M. / Wong, Woon K.
2009 Rational cost inefficiency in Chinese banksMatthews, Kent / Xiao, Zhiguo / Zhang, Xu
2009 Some problems in the testing of DSGE modelsVo Phuong Mai Le / Minford, Patrick / Wickens, Michael
2009 Immiserizing growth and the Metzler paradox in the Ricardian modelCollie, David R.
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