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DateTitle Authors
2005 Fiscal Devolution and DependencyForeman-Peck, James / Lungu, Laurian
2005 Lessons from Italian Monetary UnificationForeman-Peck, James
2005 Can a Real Business Cycle Model without price and wage stickiness explain UK real exchange rate behaviour?Meenagh, David / Minford, Patrick / Nowell, Eric / Sofat, Prakriti
2005 On the equality of Real Interest Rates across borders in Integrated Capital MarketsMinford, Patrick / Peel, David
2005 Inflation and Balanced-Path Growth with Alternative Payment MechanismsGillman, Max / Kejak, Michal
2005 Taxing Capital in an Imperfectly Competitive EconomySelim, Sheikh
2005 Credit Shocks in the Financial Deregulatory Era: Not the Usual SuspectsBenk, Szilárd / Gillman, Max / Kejak, Michal
2005 Opportunistic Monetary Policy: an Alternative RationalizationMinford, Patrick / Srinivasan, Naveen
2005 The Social Cost of Optimal Taxes in an Imperfectly Competitive EconomySelim, Sheikh
2005 A Comparison of Exchange Economies within a Monetary Business CycleBenk, Szilárd / Gillman, Max / Kejak, Michal
2005 Money Demand in an EU Accession Country: A VECM Study of CroatiaGillman, Max / Cziráky, Dario
2005 Double Implementation in a Market for Indivisible Goods with a Price ConstraintAzacis, Helmuts
2005 Would price-level targeting destabilise the economy?Minford, Patrick / Nowell, Eric / Webb, Bruce
2005 Incumbency and Entry in License Auctions: The Anglo-Dutch Auction Meets Other Simple AlternativesAzacis, Helmuts / Burguet, Roberto
2005 Econometric Accounting of the Australian Corporate Tax Rates: a Firm Panel ExampleFeeny, Simon / Gillman, Max / Harris, Mark N.
2006 The impact of the minimum wage on the incidence of second job holding in BritainRobinson, Helen / Wadsworth, Jonathan
2006 On policy relevance of Ramsey tax rulesSelim, Sheikh Tareq
2006 Competitiveness and market constability of major UK banksMatthews, Kent / Murinde, Victor / Zhao, Tianshu
2006 Violence-related injury and the price of beer in England and WalesMatthews, Kent / Shepherd, Jonathan / Sivarajasingham, Vaseekaran
2006 Assessing sticky price models using the Burns and Mitchell approachPáez-Farrell, Juan
2006 Money demand in general equilibrium endogenous growth: Estimating the role of a variable interest elasticityGillman, Max / Otto, Glen
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