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DateTitle Authors
2015 Innovation, R&D spillovers, and the variety and concentration of the local production structureLeppälä, Samuli
2015 Small sample performance of indirect inference on DSGE modelsLe, Vo Phuong Mai / Meenagh, David / Minford, Patrick / Wickens, Michael
2015 China's financial crisis – the role of banks and monetary policyLe, Vo Phuong Mai / Matthews, Kent / Meenagh, David / Minford, Patrick / Xiao, Zhiguo
2014 Taxation and the Sustainability of Collusion: Ad Valorem versus Specific TaxesAzacis, Helmuts / Collie, David R.
2014 Monetarism rides again? US monetary policy in a world of Quantitative EasingLe, Vo Phuong Mai / Meenagh, David / Minford, Patrick
2014 Unemployment, Crime and Social InsuranceLong, Iain W. / Polito, Vito
2014 Dynamic Efficiency in the English and Welsh Water and Sewerage IndustryPointon, Charlotte / Matthews, Kent
2014 Gender Wage Gap Trends in Europe: The Role of Occupational Allocation and Skill PricesKaya, Ezgi
2014 Heterogeneous Couples, Household Interactions and Labor Supply Elasticities of Married WomenKaya, Ezgi
2014 The impact of the 2008 crisis on UK prices: what we can learn from the CPI microdataDixon, Huw David / Luintel, Kul B. / Tian, Kun
2014 The Storm Before the Calm? Adverse Effects of Tackling Organised CrimeLong, Iain W.
2014 Cultures of Female EntrepreneurshipForeman-Peck, James / Zhou, Peng
2014 Looking beyond the R&D effects on innovation: The contribution of non-R&D activities to total factor productivity growth in the EULopez-Rodriguez, Jesus / Martinez, Diego
2014 Theoretical Perspectives on Localised Knowledge Spillovers and AgglomerationLeppälä, Samuli
2014 Firm-Level Evidence for the Language Investment Effect on SME ExportersForeman-Peck, James / Zhou, Peng
2014 The Rise of the English Economy 1300-1900: A Lasting Response to Demographic ShocksForeman-Peck, James / Zhou, Peng
2014 The Effects of Sentiment on Market Return and Volatility and The Cross-Sectional Risk Premium of Sentiment-affected VolatilityYang, Yan / Copeland, Laurence
2014 Coarse Correlated Equilibria in an Abatement GameMoulin, Herve / Ray, Indrajit / Gupta, Sonali Sen
2014 Revisiting the Great Moderation: policy or luck?Minford, Patrick / Ou, Zhirong / Wickens, Michael
2014 The determinants and profitability of switching costs in Chinese bankingYin, Wei / Matthews, Kent
2014 Why do firms switch banks? Evidence from ChinaYin, Wei / Matthews, Kent
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