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DateTitle Authors
2011 Premium subsidies and social insurance: Substitutes or complements?Kifmann, Mathias / Roeder, Kerstin
2011 Effect of type of insurance and income on waiting time for outpatient careRoll, Kathrin / Stargardt, Tom / Schreyögg, Jonas
2011 Changes in hospital efficiency after privatizationTiemann, Oliver / Schreyögg, Jonas
2012 Electronic word of mouth about medical servicesHinz, Vera / Drevs, Florian / Wehner, Jürgen
2012 Measuring the relationship between costs and outcomes: The example of Acute Myocardial Infarction in German hospitalsStargardt, Tom / Schreyögg, Jonas / Kondofersky, Ivan
2013 Fairer Systemwettbewerb zwischen gesetzlicher und privater KrankenversicherungKifmann, Mathias / Nell, Martin
2013 Estimation of a physician practice cost functionHeimeshoff, Mareike / Schreyögg, Jonas
2014 Average-cost pricing and dynamic selection incentives in the hospital sectorKifmann, Mathias / Siciliani, Luigi