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DateTitle Authors
2010 Aid absorption and spending in Africa: A panel cointegration approachMartins, Pedro M. G.
2010 Fiscal dynamics in Ethiopia: The cointegrated VAR model with quarterly dataMartins, Pedro M. G.
2010 Do capital inflows hinder competitiveness? The real exchange rate in EthiopiaMartins, Pedro M. G.
2010 Has the introduction of microfinance crowded-out informal loans in Malawi?Disney, Richard / Fichera, Eleonora / Owens, Trudy
2010 Budget institutions and fiscal performance in AfricaBleaney, Michael
2009 25 years of aid allocation practice: Comparing donors and erasClist, Paul
2009 Good donors or good recipients? A repeated moral hazard model of aid allocationIsopi, Alessia / Mattesini, Fabrizio
2009 Do elites benefit from democracy and foreign aid in developing countries? CommentHansen, Henrik / Lund Rants, Louise / Buhl-Wiggers, Julie
2009 The long-run effect of aid on domestic outputHerzer, Dierk / Morrissey, Oliver
2009 EU-ACP economic partnership agreements and ACP integrationMilner, Chris / Morrissey, Oliver / Zgovu, Evious
2009 Incidence, onset and duration of civil wars: A review of the evidenceBleaney, Michael / Dimico, Arcangelo
2009 Household returns to land transfers in South Africa: A Q-squared analysisValente, Christine
2009 The determinants of institutional quality. More on the debateAlonso, José Antonio / Garcimartín, Carlos
2009 The slow convergence of per capita income between the developing countries: "growth resistance" and sometimes "growth tragedy"Dufrénot, Gilles / Mignon, Valérie / Naccache, Théo
2009 The Resource Curse and Fiscal Policy VolatilityBleaney, Michael / Halland, Håvard
2009 Migration, remittances and competition in international labour marketChowdhury, Mehdi M.
2008 Biogeographical conditions, the transition to agriculture and long-run growthBleaney, Michael / Dimico, Arcangelo
2008 Aggregate and sector import price elasticities for a sample of African countriesJones, Chris
2008 Investment provisions in regional integration agreements for developing countriesMorrissey, Oliver
2008 International school test scores and economic growthAppleton, Simon / Atherton, Paul / Bleaney, Michael
2008 "Living" wage, class conflict and ethnic strifeDasgupta, Indraneel
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