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DateTitle Authors
2008 Are imports in Africa responsive to tariff reductions?Jones, Chris / Morrissey, Oliver
2008 Promoting transparency in the NGO sector: Examining the availability and reliability of self-reported dataBurger, Ronelle / Owens, Trudy
2008 Geography matters: Reconsidering the effect of geography on developmentBleaney, Michael / Dimico, Arcangelo
2008 Trade facilitation in developing countriesMilner, Chris / Morrissey, Oliver / Zgovu, Evious
2008 Business perceptions, fiscal policy and growthMisch, Florian / Gemmell, Norman / Kneller, Richard
2008 "Living" wage, class conflict and ethnic strifeDasgupta, Indraneel
2008 International school test scores and economic growthAppleton, Simon / Atherton, Paul / Bleaney, Michael
2008 Investment provisions in regional integration agreements for developing countriesMorrissey, Oliver
2008 Aggregate and sector import price elasticities for a sample of African countriesJones, Chris
2008 Biogeographical conditions, the transition to agriculture and long-run growthBleaney, Michael / Dimico, Arcangelo
2009 Migration, remittances and competition in international labour marketChowdhury, Mehdi M.
2009 The Resource Curse and Fiscal Policy VolatilityBleaney, Michael / Halland, Håvard
2009 The slow convergence of per capita income between the developing countries: "growth resistance" and sometimes "growth tragedy"Dufrénot, Gilles / Mignon, Valérie / Naccache, Théo
2009 The determinants of institutional quality. More on the debateAlonso, José Antonio / Garcimartín, Carlos
2009 Household returns to land transfers in South Africa: A Q-squared analysisValente, Christine
2009 Incidence, onset and duration of civil wars: A review of the evidenceBleaney, Michael / Dimico, Arcangelo
2009 EU-ACP economic partnership agreements and ACP integrationMilner, Chris / Morrissey, Oliver / Zgovu, Evious
2009 The long-run effect of aid on domestic outputHerzer, Dierk / Morrissey, Oliver
2009 Do elites benefit from democracy and foreign aid in developing countries? CommentHansen, Henrik / Lund Rants, Louise / Buhl-Wiggers, Julie
2009 Good donors or good recipients? A repeated moral hazard model of aid allocationIsopi, Alessia / Mattesini, Fabrizio
2009 25 years of aid allocation practice: Comparing donors and erasClist, Paul
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