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DateTitle Authors
2012 Gender differentials in maths test scores in MENA countriesBadr, Menshawy / Morrissey, Oliver / Appleton, Simon
2012 Origins of the Sicilian mafia: The market for lemonsDimico, Arcangelo / Isopi, Alessia / Olsson, Ola
2012 Using observable trade data to measure bilateral trade costs in sub-Saharan AfricaTurkson, Festus Ebo
2012 How do donors allocate funds to NGOs? Evidence from UgandaBougheas, Spiros / Isopi, Alessia / Owens, Trudy
2012 Determinants of educational attainment in MENABadr, Menshawy / Morrissey, Oliver / Appleton, Simon
2012 School effects on educational attainment in EgyptBadr, Menshawy
2012 Trade agreements and bilateral trade in sub-Saharan Africa: Estimating the trade effects of the EU-ACP PTA and RTAsTurkson, Festus Ebo
2012 A model of aid and Dutch Disease in Sub-Saharan AfricaFielding, David / Gibson, Fred
2011 Selectivity on aid modality: Determinants of budget support from multilateral donorsClist, Paul / Isopi, Alessia / Morrissey, Oliver
2011 Explaining the procyclicality of fiscal policy in developing countriesHalland, Håvard / Bleaney, Michael
2011 Does aid hinder tax efforts? More evidenceAlonso, José Antonio / Garcimartín, Carlos
2011 Receive grants or perish? The survival prospects of African nongovernmental organizationsBurger, Ronelle / Owens, Trudy
2011 Aggregation versus heterogeneity in cross-country growth empiricsEberhardt, Markus / Teal, Francis
2011 Logistics and bilateral exports in developing countries: A multiplicative form estimation of the logistics augmented gravity equationTurkson, Festus Ebo
2011 Declining distance effects in international trade: Some country-level evidenceBleaney, Michael / Salazar Neaves, Abelardo
2011 Why use ROSCAs when you can use the banks? Theory and evidence from EthiopiaKedir, Abbi / Disney, Richard / Dasgupta, Indraneel
2011 The intensity of conflict, growth and post-conflict recoveryBleaney, Michael / Dimico, Arcangelo
2010 Protection and the determinants of household income in Tanzania 1991-2007Leyaro, Vincent / Morrissey, Oliver
2010 Food price changes and consumer welfare in Tanzania 1991 - 2007Leyaro, Vincent / Morrissey, Oliver / Owens, Trudy
2010 Trade and growth: Is Sub-Saharan Africa different?Leyaro, Vincent / Morrissey, Oliver
2010 Aid absorption and spending in Africa: A panel cointegration approachMartins, Pedro M. G.
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