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DateTitle Authors
2015 Foreign aid, poor data, and the fragility of macroeconomic inferenceRoger, Lionel
2015 The effects of the Tripartite Free Trade Area: Towards a new Economic geography in Southern, Eastern and Northern Africa?Mold, Andrew / Mukwaya, Rodgers
2015 The nature of agricultural markets: Output marketing in TanzaniaBoulay, Basile
2015 Technological progress with segmented factor markets and welfare implications for the urban poorMukherjee, Soumyatanu / Zafar, Sameen
2015 Input trade liberalisation and wage-inequality with non-traded goodsMukherjee, Soumyatanu
2015 Worker flows and the impact of labour transitions on earnings in UgandaKavuma, Susan Namirembe / Morrissey, Oliver / Upward, Richard
2015 Sub-regional perspectives on structural changeMartins, Pedro M. G.
2014 Households' characteristics and the modes of remittances in BangladeshChowdhury, Mehdi
2014 Determinants of urban labour earnings in Tanzania, 2000/01-06Leyaro, Vincent / Twumasi Baffour, Priscilla / Morrissey, Oliver / Owens, Trudy
2014 Fiscal effects of aid in Ethiopia: Evidence from CVAR applicationsMascagni, Giulia / Timmis, Emilija
2014 Global imbalances and the external solvency of nationsBleaney, Michael / Tian, Mo
2014 Taxation and indigenous institutions in sub-Saharan AfricaTorrance, Samantha / Morrissey, Oliver
2014 Why pay NGOs to involve the community?Burger, Ronelle / Dasgupta, Indraneel / Owens, Trudy
2013 "I know my rights, but am I better off?": Institutions and disability in UgandaOwens, Trudy / Torrance, Samantha
2013 Indigenous origins of institutions in sub-Saharan AfricaTorrance, Samantha
2013 The effects of the intensity, timing, and persistence of personal history of mobility on support for redistributionDabalen, Andrew / Parinduri, Rasyad / Paul, Saumik
2013 Economic crisis and female entrepreneurship: Evidence from countries in Eastern Europe and Central AsiaPaul, Saumik / Sarma, Vengadeshvaran
2013 Determinants of urban worker earnings in Ghana and Tanzania: The role of educationTwumasi Baffour, Priscilla
2013 Net foreign assets, real exchange rates and net exports revisitedBleaney, Michael / Tian, Mo
2013 Selection into employment sectors in urban Ghana and TanzaniaTwumasi Baffour, Priscilla
2013 Labour market entry and earnings: Evidence from Tanzanian retrospective dataBridges, Sarah / Fox, Louise / Gaggero, Alessio / Owens, Trudy
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