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DateTitle Authors
2010 Coverage and adequacy of minimum income schemes in the European UnionFigari, Francesco / Haux, Tina / Matsaganis, Manos / Sutherland, Holly
2010 Non take up of social benefits in Greece and SpainMatsaganis, Manos / Levy, Horacio / Flevotomou, Maria
2010 Discrete choice modelling of labour supply in Luxembourg through EUROMOD microsimulationBerger, Frédéric / Islam, Nizamul / Liégeois, Philippe
2009 Labour incentive reforms in preretirement age in AustriaNarazani, Edlira / Shima, Isilda
2009 Adapting EUROMOD for use in a developing country: The case of South Africa and SAMODWilkinson, Kate
2009 Flat tax reform in Eastern Europe: Comparative analysis of alternative scenarios in Estona, Hungary and Slovenia, using EUROMODPaulus, Alari / Lelkes, Orsolya / Čok, Mitja / Kump, Nataša / Hegedüs, Péter / Võrk, Andres / Szivos, Péter / Kralik, Silja
2009 Can in-work benefits improve social inclusion in the Southern European countries?Figari, Francesco
2009 Measuring the size and impact of public cash support for children in cross-national perspectiveFigari, Francesco / Paulus, Alari / Sutherland, Holly
2009 The distributional impact of in kind public benefits in European countriesPaulus, Alari / Sutherland, Holly / Tsakloglou, Panos
2009 The distributional effects of tax-benefit policies under new labour: A Shapely decompositionBargain, Olivier
2009 Financing social security: Simulating different welfare state systems for GermanyDieckhoener, Caroline / Peichl, Andreas
2009 Accurate income measurement for the assessment of public policies: Final reportSutherland, Holly / Decoster, André / Matsaganis, Manos / Tsakloglou, Panos
2009 The effects of taxes and benefits on income distribution in the enlarged EUPaulus, Alari / Čok, Mitja / Figari, Francesco / Hegedüs, Péter / Kump, Nataša / Lelkes, Orsolya / Levy, Horacio / Lietz, Christine / Lüpsik, Silja / Mantovani, Daniela / Morawski, Leszek / Sutherland, Holly / Szivos, Péter / Võrk, Andres
2008 Behavioural and welfare effects of basic income policies: A simulation for European countriesColombino, Ugo / Locatelli, Marilena / Narazani, Edlira / O'Donoghue, Cathal / Shima, Isilda
2008 Labour supply modelling in Italy when minimum income scheme is an optionNarazani, Edlira / Shima, Isilda
2008 Wie progressiv ist Deutschland? Das Steuer- und Transfersystem im Europäischen VergleichPeichl, Andreas / Schaefer, Thilo
2008 Tax-benefit revealed social preferencesBourguignon, François / Spadaro, Amedeo
2008 A Belgian flat income tax: Effects on labour supply and income distributionDecoster, André / De Swerdt, Kris / Orsini, Kristian
2008 Alternative tax-benefit strategies to support children in PolandLevy, Horacio / Morawski, Leszek / Myck, Michal
2008 Optimal taxation, social contract and the four worlds of welfare capitalismSpadaro, Amedeo
2008 Effects of flat tax reforms in Western Europe on equity and efficiencyPaulus, Alari / Peichl, Andreas
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